Ang Bisita Part 2

I woke up with my hand in my panty. Luckily I was the first one awake. My thoughts immediately went to the guy… my neighbor’s husband. At the thought, I felt my body respond. My tummy felt funny and my puke became warm and sensitive. I felt moisture in between my labia and I again began to lightly rub.

Let me say now that I am a good girl, from a good family, and raised like any other girl. If that sounds defensive, just consider the times. It was very conservative then! I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be feeling this way. Was it OK to feel malibog? Is it normal? And to be thinking about my neighbor’s husband! And to rub myself down there? But shit… it felt so good. How could it be wrong? I can’t be the only one who ever felt this.

Having decided it was normal, well… half deciding and half not caring, I wanted to keep going. But I couldn’t risk getting caught. Frustrated I got up and went outside. That’s when I saw him! He was wearing a pair of short running shorts (remember this was the 80s) and a white tee. He was with the neighbor boy, standing in the dirt road at the edge of the field. The boy was pointing to a path through the cane, and telling him to follow that path all the way around the field and it will lead back to the road on the other end. The man thanked him and took off running. I watched his toned athletic body disappear into the sugar cane.

Still feeling hot and damp, even more so now, I went to the outside CR and locked the door. In seconds, my shorts and panty were on the floor and my hand flew to my pussy. I started rubbing it again, and not so gently this time. I placed one foot on the toilet and leaned against the wall… and just rubbed it. I didn’t dare penetrate, in fear of losing my virginity (I didn’t know so much about my body at that time), but I spread my labia with one hand and rubbed my tinggil up and down with the other, using my puke juice to make things go easier. Next I tried rubbing it side-to-side, then a kind of circular motion. I decided the combination was best, and I closed my eyes and kept going. Suddenly, my knees shook and I nearly fell, I gasped and felt my body spasm and felt warm liquid on my thighs. Holy shit! What was that? I sat down on the toilet and felt like crying. It took a minute to get my breath. And I wanted to do it again…

I thought about it all day, the guy and what had happened. I knew the two things were related. All day my tummy felt warm and my throat was thick. I even trembled a few times when I recalled that feeling. That night, I had a fantasy. I knew where that path went. I also knew how I could get to the halfway point using a different path. I imagined I was there waiting for him to jog past. I laid on my tummy this time, my arm under me and my hand between my legs. I found my clit again as I played it out in my mind. I am standing in the path when he arrives. He stops in front of me, looks me in the eyes, and falls inlab. He takes me in his arms and he holds my face up and leans down and kisses me! This time I pressed my pussy mound on my hand under me and humped it. I imagined I was on top of the man. Just then I shook again, like before but maybe not as powerful. My tummy heaved up and down and my pussy contracted and released three times. My panty was soaking wet. I pulled my hand out of my panty and instinctively smelled it. Curious, I expected it to smell bad. But it was nice! I poked out my tongue and licked my finger just a little. It wasn’t bad, so I sucked on my fingers until there was no juice left. I slept well after that.

I woke just in time to see him jog past the house and onto the path. Without thinking, I quickly left the house before anyone woke up. I ran down to the other path and got to the middle before he did. And I stood in the path and waited. In less than a minute, I heard his steps and paced breathing. He rounded the corner and came into view. He approached and stopped in front of me. Wow! Was this happening? He looked surprised and awkward for a second, then said “Excuse me, Miss!”, stepped around and continued down the path.

Well… I stood there stunned. This was not the reaction I expected, not like my fantasy at all! What did I do wrong? I felt foolish, embarrassed and was feeling bad about myself. What made me think that a married man was going to stop and make love with a stranger? Especially a girl like me? Am I losing my mind?

But then, I had seen him close up! And that inspired another trip to the CR.

(to be continued)

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