You know how aggressive, impulsive or passionate a 15 year old can be. I was then.

I had a boyfriend in 3rd year high school. We started dating (February) after his friend invited me at his place to uh, kiss. He was in the same room (because technically it was his room) so he saw everything. Just kissing and few petting. (Hindi ko na ike-kwento what happened to me and his friend because it was just for a day.)

So ayun nga. If I am not mistaken, teacher’s day sa school namin so half day lang sa school. He invited me at his place. I agreed to go since nakapunta na naman ako sakanila and nothing was wrong… we were dating. (The only bad thing was I was 15, he was 14.)

We ate lunch and talked a lot, watched random TV programs inside his room. Pero since we both know that we’re both horny kids, he started kissing me and all that stuff. It was the start.

Every time I visit him (especially nung summer vacation), we do petting and all kind but the actual sex. It was too much for me, remember? Pero we gone wilder (well this was, for me though). Noong una pa lang kasi clothes still on. Pero nung mga sumunod na, clothes off na.

The best part was when we were dry humping. It wasn’t much but the only stuff that separated his dick and my vaginal hole were my panty and his brief. His hard dick rubbing on my wet panty, such a glory. I liked it most when he was on top of me going up and down with matching licking of my right boob and caressing the left one. (THE REASON WHY MAS MALAKI YUNG RIGHT BOOB KO, HE CONCENTRATED ON IT!!!)

He asked me when we would do it and I just said on his birthday which falls on November. I think it was just May when he asked me. HAHAHA.

Our ending? He left me for someone who has bigger boobies. Someone his age. But I heard he never had a chance to even dry hump that girl. What is karmaaaa! He is in a relationship with our batchmate now but his family (and yes including him haha) moved into the states so I guess he hasn’t have sex for a long time or maybe he’s betraying his girlfriend and hitting on some blondes. (Why I sound bitter!)

Sorry this has to be like a blog post not a story which will arouse you you and you. I still hope you liked it! At Fifteen.

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