Fuck Lunch

Hello I’m back.. This is my 3rd post.. So eager to share this with you since it happened just yesterday, soo fresh and juicy, hehe..

Just a little background. I’ve been married for more than 2 years. Since then, I have decided to let go of my habits and be faithful to my husbie.. It was easy at first.. But lately, I felt sooo bored and depressed. Guess its because I am missing my old self. Miss the thrills and adventures. Besides, my relationship with my husband is getting sour. We realized we have lots of incompatibilities. The sweetness and excitement has perished. We argue almost everyday.

Last year a guy I met through MIRC caught my attention. I had no plan to meet him up though we live in the same city. I just like him to be a friend on chat. He was smart and a good conversant as well. Weve been chatting for days and he has been convincing me to try him. I could sense that he’s very well-experienced by the way he relates his stories and experiences with different girls. I became more and more curious about him that It came to the point that I said “yes” but to wait for the right time.

But because of fear, I have changed my mind and decided to avoid him. Changed my YM setting so he could not see me when Im online. I knew he was looking forward to that day when I’m ready to do it but I have made up my mind, Im not gonna do it.

Just this month, Ive read some of his posts. It aroused my curiosity again. I want to be licked and fucked real good. My husband has refused to eat me for quiet a long time. Our sex life has been affected by our frequent conflicts. I believe I deserve more than this.

So when he was online, gave him my word but begged him to have more patience since I still have to find a good timing to escape. One day, he called me while I was in the Office. He started to tease me. I got soo horny that I could feel my cunt really getting wet. He told me to rub my pussy but I resisted. People who will pass by outside the Office will really see me, its kinda weird. But then he continued to tease me and finally convinced me touch my wet pussy. I was sitting on the chair, in front of me was the Office Table. My left hand holding my phone. I used my right hand to open my zipper and reached for my clit. Shit, I was so damn wet! My hand hurts a little since my jeans was kinda fit, yet I still managed to rub my clit until I reached orgasm. I just hoped people outside would not hear my moans. Hahaha.

After few days, we met at his place. Since I was in a hurry, we just kissed and I gave him a short blowjob. We both ended up “bitin”. I really needed to go home that time so I promised him na babawi na lang ako next time.

Two days later, we finally decided to execute our plan. We agreed to meet at 2pm. I had a fight with my husband over the phone at 11 in the morning. I felt so weak and depressed. Lost my appetite to take lunch. Instead I decided to go to our meeting place. He informed me earlier that he had already checked in. When I got there, I was still shaking because of anger. I was so emotional that I wanted to freak out. He tried to relax me by giving me a massage on both arms. I even cried on his shoulder for a while. Then he asked me to lie down so I could rest.

I was beginning to feel horny when he was comforting me. So when he kissed me, my body responded immediately. We kissed for a few moments, then he started undressing me with my tops. He caressed my breasts, kissed, licked and sucked them gently. Damn, it felt so good. My body was arching, a sign that I wanted more. He removed my jeans, then my undies. Then I felt his hands on my wet cunt, then his tongue. Shit, it really felt so good. He moved his tongue up and down and sucked my clit gently. Shit, he was so damn good! Then he started to finger fuck me while he kept on licking and sucking my clit. Para akong nalasing sa sobrang sarap at libog. I was moving my hips upwards to meet his tongue and fingers. My thighs were shaking like hell. My juices were flowing as I continue to be finger fucked and licked. “oohhh, ahhh, sigehh paahh, shiiit, kalami” was all i could say. I must admit, he was the best licker, finger fucker I’ve had. No one has ever made me that wet and that horny, but him. Grabe talaga.

After a while, he pushed his cock inside my still flooding cunt and started to fuck me. Damn, he could fuck really good. Then we rested for few minutes. To return the favor, I gave him a blow job while he was lying on his back. I licked the tip of his cock, then the sides and slowly ate it. I sucked it gently at first then increased the speed after a while. I could still taste my own cum sorrounding his cock, i love it. Then he fucked me again until he came.

We rested and talked for a while. Then I gave him another BJ. He then asked me to position my pussy near his face so he could lick my clit while i sucked and licked his dick. In just few minutes he had his cum on my face and my mouth, I swallowed some of it.

We’ve tried some other positions, too. What i liked most was the cowgirl position. I loved it when he squeezed my boobs while I rode his cock, rotate my hips and feel his cock moving inside of me. Makabuang ang kalami.

We were both tired so we decided to rest muna. I knew he was more tired than me because he didnt sleep the night before due to some work deadlines. I decided to put on my clothes back while he was asleep so I could leave as soon as he wakes up. But the moment he woke up, we both got horny again so we did another round. We then talked for a while and then I put on my clothes again. Then I remembered I forgot to take my lunch, haha. Pero okey lang, I had a very appetizing Fuck Lunch naman. We thanked each other for the wonderful experience, kissed him and left.

It was one the best fuck I’ve ever had. So lucky to have found this guy and had the chance to be screwed by him. Hehe.

Thanks for reading. Your comments will be highly appreciated..

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