Isang Gabing Naging Wild

She gave me the approval to post it in here kasi nagbabasa din naman sya dito. Actually she urge me to write this hehehe. Anyway I hope I can give justice to her confession. Let’s call her Ness.

Si Ness ay isang voluptuous woman, maputi, maganda, at cowboy. Marami syang barkadang boys at mahilig mag enjoy together with the boys..ika nga. One day may inintroduce sa kanya ang barkada nya na si Alvin. Alvin joined the group at nag-inuman sila. After couple of days, Alvin invited Ness for dinner. Sumama naman si Ness coz she likes him. Alvin is handsome, may six-pack sa stomach at mukhang malinis at mabango. So nag date sila dinner then nag inuman. They talk for awhile til they were tipsy. Alvin started touching her legs under the table and she felt horny that time. So hinayaan lang nya na mag abot ang mga legs nila. A tickling feeling is now within the bosom of Ness. Unti-unti na syang nag-iinit wosssssshhhh. The excitement is going steady strong that Ness is catching her breath coz she really wanted Alvin to caress her body right now. Feeling the same they went to Alvin’s car to continue the moment.

Pag pasok sa car, nag laplapan agad silang dalawa, hinalikan ni Alvin mukha ni Ness pababa sa leeg, sa tenga at sa shoulders. He went massaging her ripe breast at pink nipples at that. Grabe ang moan ni Ness, wala silang pakialam kung may guard na lalapit sa car. So they continued, sinipsip ni Alvin ang nipples ni Ness at lumiliyad si Ness sa sarap na bumabalot sa kanyang katawan ohhhh. Then hinanap ni Ness ang titi ni Alvin para laruin ito. Si Alvin naman kinapa ang pussy ni Ness at basang basa na sa sobrang excitement at libog. Super tigas na rin ng titi ni Alvin at ginanahan sa pag taas baba si Ness. Hinubad na ni Alvin ang suot ni Ness pati ang panty nito. Si Ness naman binaba nya ang pantalon ni Alvin para makabuka ito sa upuan ng kotse. At tinuloy nila ang dila sa dila at sipsipan ng mga nipples sarapp..Gigil na gigil si Alvin sa katawan ni Ness sobrang init na katawan nito. Sa sobrang libog ni Ness inupuan nya si Alvin at pinasok ang matigas na pumipintig na titi sa pussy nya. It felt good inside since almost 4 months na syang walang kantot. She pump him while he’s sitting steady licking her breast and sucking her nipples which she replied with happy moans. Ness wanted to feel the big hot cock inside her kaya dahan dahan nyang ninanamnam ang pagpasok nito. Minsan binilisan nya ang pag pump just to make sure her clit is excited. But after ilang minutes she heard a big moan coming from Alvin and it was a sign nag climax na sya. Indeed Alvin burst into climax when she still wants to fuck him more. Na feel ni Ness na bumulwak na ang katas ni Alvin inside her. But it was a disappointing moment dahil bitin pa si Ness. She really wanted a longer fuck but he’s endurance is so short hayyy bitin talaga. Without complain she requested to fetch her home na since it’s about 11pm na.

When they reached home they kissed goodbye and she went inside na her apartment. Right that moment she said to herself na ayaw nya na makipagkita kay Alvin since mabibitin lang sya. He is nice, good looking but no performance hehehehe. So she stared the ceiling but problem is cannot fall asleep. Then it came to her mind na why not text her ex-bf since he makes kulit to see her again. So she decided to text him (let’s call him Joey) and after 30 minutes dumating si Joey. Pinapasok nya si Joey sa sala and they started talking. Since walang tao sa sala they kinda act naughty so Joey got the idea already. Joey started kissing her on the lips then squezzing her boobs. She felt a familiar sensation and is feeling horny again. She was so hot she drag Joey to her room. Inside the room she undressed Joey and suck his dick right there and then. Joey exclaimed on the excitement sa ginawa ni Ness. Super wild sya and the body is flaming hot. Although very controlled ang mga moans nila since there are people on the other floor of the apartment. She continued licking and sucking his dick, while Joey is caressing her nipples, neck, and holding her hair to guide the rhythm of the blow job. Mabuti nalang super long ang endurance ni Joey and Ness is enjoying the blow job.

After awhile humiga si Ness at si Joey naman ang nag trabaho. He lick her pussy, taste it, then played his tongue on her clit. She is super wet and moaning on every lick and suck that he did. This is the action that she wanted from Alvin but never happened. At least she’s taking it now from Joey but she did not want to tell him. So Joey now is a bit harassing her body to her liking. Her body wave as Joey is queuing every inch of pleasure to her. And so di na nakatiis si Ness at pinatungan nya na si Joey. She’s is really bitin kanina and super horny that she’s wild like that. Grabe and hump and pump nila. Sinabayan ni Joey ang pump ni Ness at nag enjoy si Ness every thrust. She felt the hot rod on her clit everytime. She move her body so that Joey can suck her nipples while she’s pumping. Ito ang favorite ni Ness na position and that’s how she wanted to cum. Ilang minutes pa ang lumipas at nakaramdan na si Ness ng pamumuo ng sarap sa puson nya. Sa sobrang init at sarap nito sinabi nya na I’m cumming now, fuckkkkkk. Sinabayan din sya ni Joey at nag moan sila while he burst inside her too. Buti safe si Ness this time kaya wala syang pakialam kung iputok ni Joey sa loob ang cum nya. Humiga sila after the long and fulfilling round na yon at nakatulog na. They did it again nong madaling araw and she decided na mag overnight nalang si Joey don. Sa sobrang libog ni Ness she fuck Joey one more time before sya umalis that morning. What a luck guy….what a horny babe hehehe.

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