Mabilisan Sa Opisina

Operations has been suspended temporarily last Saturday. We do not know why it was like that. But we, as agents, liked it very much. We can just hang out here at the office and chit chat with our friends, and at the same time, we are being paid for our time. Since we are not doing anything, my team and some other peeps from a different team started talking. We bashed our bosses and other people that are not on the office during that time. It was actually very funny. Anyway, it all started when I was having a nice conversation with Christine (not her real name of course!). We talked mostly about our High School and College life for almost an hour hanggang napunta sa BF/GF ung conversation namin. Of course, when it comes to conversations about relationships di maiiwasan minsan na mapunta ung conversation about sex.

Christine told me na she’s into guys na mejo maangas at makulit ung mga dating. Ganun daw ung boyfriend nya dati. Her current boyfriend daw is ung nice guy type. Even though the guy naman daw is mabait, she can’t help but look into other guys. Let me describe Christine. Christine, is a nicely built girl. About 5’3 in height, fair complexion, medium sized breast (tantsa ko it’s about 34 B), very nice ass (perfect, if you ask me), nice brown eyes, and a shoulder length hair. When I first saw her here in our company, I immediately fell in lust with her. Ikaw ba naman ba makakita ng ganung kagandang pwet, ewan ko lang kung di mo talaga pagnasahan.

While I was talking to her, I noticed na she keeps on touching my arm. At first I didn’t mind it coz it was just a friendly conversation to begin with. After a while, the pervert inside me woke up. I can’t help but look into her chest which was actually pretty nice. Mejo fitted ung suot nyang top and bumabakat ung breasts nya. I think she noticed it pero she didn’t mind me. Mukang natuwa pa nga eh. She suddenly said, “Czar (not my real name!), punta muna ko restroom.”

“Samahan na lang kita, may mumo dun. Nag-fu-flush ng magisa mga toilet dun!”, I told her.

She smiled. I suddenly thought to push her buttons and escalate this conversation to the next level if I can.

“Wag ka naman manakot! Sige ka pag pinasama talaga kita, baka magsisi ka!” sabi ni Christine.

A friend of mine suddenly looked at me. This friend knows na matagal ko ng pinagpapantasyahan tong si Christine. From the way he looks at me, parang sinasabi na nya na “Tol, wag mo nang aksayahin ung pagkakataon mo!.”

I suddenly stood up and told them na I’m going to the rest room and proceed to Mini Stop to buy some snacks. I looked at Christine and asked her, “Gusto mo sumama? CR lang ako tapos punta ako Mini Stop.”

“OK. Wait for me at the lobby” sabi nya.

On the way to the rest room, instead of turning right to proceed to the men’s room, I followed her hanggang sa door nung ladies’ room. I told her, “Tin, may mumo talaga jan. Konti lang tao dito ngayon, pati mga guard ngayon eh wala. Di mo ba napansin? Baka ma-tsempuhan ka jan. Hahaha!”

“Kasi naman eh! Matatakutin kasi ako eh! Wala namang ganyanan!, she cried.

“Sige, samahan kita sa loob if you want. I won’t look. Sa bandang door lang ako. La naman siguro makakakita satin dito. La naman halos tao eh! Ano?, sabi ko.

“Sige na nga!! Wag kang mananakot ah!! Baka bigla mong patayin ung ilaw or bigla mo kong iwanan… Mag-promise ka muna!!”

“Ok.. Promise!!, I said with a silly grin on my face.

We went inside. But I don’t have plans in fulfilling my promise. I was already horny that time. The thought lang na kasama ko sya ng mag-isa that time gave me a hard-on. I immediately followed her inside hanggang sa toilet. With a quick motion, I grabbed her by the arm and pushed her inside the cubicle. I locked the door and I started kissing her. She immediately grabbed my crotch and started kissing back.

“Tang ina ka, ang tagal ko ng di nakikipag-sex sa BF ko. Kanina mo pako pinapalibog.”

“Tin, matagal ko nang gustong gawin sayo to. Napurnada lang dati!”

I started pulling up her top. I immediately pulled up her bra to reveal her nice tits. I started licking her light brown nipples.

“Shit, tang ina mo Czar! Tuloy mo lang yan.”

I unbuttoned her pants and pulled it down. Sinama ko na ung panty nya para walang aksaya sa oras. I touched her pussy. It was already dripping wet. I inserted my middle finger inside her pussy and started finger fucking her.

“Fuck ka! Nalilibugan talaga ako ng sobra” Christine said.

“Wag ka maingay. Baka may makarinig” I whispered.

“Shit Czar, kantutin mo nako..”

“Wait lang.” sabi ko.

I pulled out my middle finger and started to lick her love juices on it. I was giving her a naughty smile while doing that. I think that act turned her on so much that she wasted no time in kissing me and tasting her love juices on my mouth.

Not wasting any precious minutes, I freed my swollen and hurting cock inside my pants. She immediately knelt down and swallowed my cock. Dahil na rin siguro sa pagmamadali, mejo nakagat nya ung ulo. It was quite painful but then again, who cares!

“Bilisan mo, basain mo lang. Wala na tayong oras.” I whispered.

She stood up immediately and I immediately closed the toilet seat and sat on it. I held my dick and motioned for her to sit on my cock.

While facing me, she slid her pussy slowly on my cock. Tinatantsa yata nya para di sha mabigla. With her tits on my face, I started sucking her nipples while she slowly slid down her pussy on my cock.

“Oh shit! Tang ina mo. Tigas ng titi mo!”

“Wag ka maingay. Hinaan mo lang. Lapit mo ung mouth mo sa ears ko. I wanna hear you moan” sabi ko.

She obeyed. She started moaning in my ear and licked it as well.

“Shit Czar! Ang sarap. Akin lang titi mo ngayon.”

“Yeah. It’s yours baby. Tang na. Ang dulas ng puke mo.”

“Fuck! Tang ina!! Ang sarap talaga! Uhhh.. Shit ka!! Ang sarap mo!!”

She was riding me like there was no tomorrow. Nararamdaman ko din ung juices nya on my legs and on my balls. Taas baba siya etis ko. Sobrang sarap nung nararamdaman ko.

“Tin, shit.. Tayo ka..”

I told her to face the wall. She knew what I was up to. There it is. The ass that I was longing for since the first time I saw her. As I was looking at her sweet ass, I noticed that her love juices are dripping wet on her legs. That sight really turned me on. This lady in front of me lubricates as if she hasn’t had sex for a really long time. I was really lucky to have her that time.

I grabbed her by her waist and slowly inserted my cock on her wet pussy. I can feel her ass on my crotch. It really made me so fucking horny. Naririnig ko rin ung squishing sound of her pussy which is music to my ears. I leaned forward and started kissing the back of her neck while pounding her ass and pumping my cock on her wet pussy.

“Czar, putang ina. Ang sarap talaga! Laway na laway na puke ko.”

“You liked that? Huh? You liked that?” I asked her. And started kissing her nape again.

“Fuck! Yes. I like it! Shit! Ang sarap ng titi mo!”

“Yeah.. Ang sarap din ng puke mo! Tang ina, di ko akalain na makakantot din kita!! Tang ina.. Tin, bilisan na natin!!

Then, I started to fuck her really hard now. I was grabbing her waist tighter now. While fucking her from behind, I can’t help but look into her sweet ass. Ang sarap talaga nung view. I can even see my dick pumping her wet pussy.

“Czar, malapit nako. Sige pa, kantot pa. Ahh.. Uhh… Shit!”

“Sige lang Tin. I want to feel you explode on my cock. Sige lang.”

“Bilisan mo pa ung kantot mo. Tang ina.. Malapit na talaga ko! Ahh.. Fuuuckk!!”

“Yeah.. Sige lang. Labas mo lang.. Tang ina.. Lapit na rin ako Tin!!!”

I pumped faster. I can already her my balls slapping her pussy. I suddenly touched her clit. This made her cum na.

“Fuck Czar! Tang ina mo!! Shit ka.. Ahhhh.. Yeaahh… Mmmmppphh.. Fuuuuckkk!! “

“Uhhh.. Wag ka maingay Tin. Eto nako.. Fuuuckkk Yeah!! Aaahhhhhh!!!”

I pulled out my cock and shot my thick load on her ass cheeks. It was a really nice view. Her legs are really wet with her love juices. I just wish I still had time to lick them off her legs.

“Tin, bilis.. Tara na.. Punta na tayo Mini Stop. Mahirap na pag wala akong dalang snacks pagbalik natin sa Ops.

She went out first to check if the coast is clear. After that, we immediately went to Mini Stop to grab some snacks and some drinks. After a few minutes we’re back on Ops. Our colleagues were giving us strange looks. I just shrugged it off. Inggit lang sila!!

Maulit pa kaya? I really don’t know. Pa-resign na rin kasi sya dito sa company namin eh. Rest assured na pag naulit, I’ll post it here. Hanggang dito na lang po. Hope you liked my story. Pasensya na po kung bitin!! Hehe!!