Malupet Na Pag Rub

I am a professional working in a multinational company. Medyo matagal na din ako nagtatrabaho dun. My GF used to work there too, but recently resigned and is now working in a call center. Our relationship is quite ok. Medyo matagal na din kami. Our sex life is great. We always make sure na both of us is satisfied. We have the drive to please your partner more than yourself. Until several years ago when we decided to do more daring stuffs and tried fulfilling our fantasies. Medyo weird mga fantasies, pero hey… we might not have the chance to do it again if we don’t do it now. Just last year, we were able to fulfill one of our fantasies. You might want to check RedHotLilly’s post “Have you Tried It”. Oh, did I forget to mention? RedHotLilly is my GF. Threesome was our fantasy.

I have read the post “Commute”, forgot the author. I was quite aroused by the encounter in LRT. And Presto! A new fantasy. I can’t clear my mind with the thought of Lilly sa MRT and pressing and rubbing her C cups on some stranger’s back. Fortunately, Lilly rides the MRT on her way to work. And luckily, Her schedule was moved such that I can take her to work. Ayaw niyang magpa-chansing, but she had no choice. Sana lang kapag nandun na, di sya mag-resist. So I conceptualized my evil plan. It was a Monday, the MRT was not that cramped, just enough. We boarded at Guadalupe station. The plan was to find a lucky guy’s back and sandwich Lilly between me and the other guy. Her boobs were on the guy’s back of course. This should be carried out fast since bababa din kami sa Shaw station. We boarded from the last door of the last coach. Lilly immediately walked to a pole near the door. Lilly is just 5’2”, so she usually holds on to the poles.

Well, well… look here… some lucky guy waiting for the ultimate experience. Lilly stood behind the guy facing his back. I was behind Lilly facing her back. Immediately, I pressed my dick on Lilly’s ass, pushing her left boob to the guy’s back. The guy looked back and saw my GF. I recognized that twinkle in his eyes. In no time, he leaned back on Lilly pressing on both breasts. My GF tried to move back but I didn’t let her to. I immediately got a hard on. Rubbing my dick on Lilly’s ass was a turn on to her too. In no time, she didn’t mind the guy leaning on her mammaries. I gyrated my hips on her ass and felt she responded with the same movement. Lilly was also leaning, pressing and rubbing her breasts on the guy. Because of the MRT’s movement, di halata na we three are already rubbing bodies with each other.

There goes Shaw Boulevard Station. I felt Lilly’s hand on my side. It slowly went between us. I moved my backpack to our side to cover her hand. After a while, she was already rubbing that all familiar dick. I love the way she rubs my dick. My dick is already dripping wet. Pigil na pigil. I loved the feeling of being rubbed in a public place. Buti na lang nakapag-pigil ako. I don’t want to wet my pants. I saw Lilly’s hand on the guy’s side. Lilly was enjoying herself. Kinukurot na niya tagiliran nung guy. Like commanding the guy to face her. The guy responded. Tumagilid yun guy. Lilly’s left boob is on the guy’s right shoulder. Lilly moved her bag and the guy his backpack to cover up. But I felt at this time that Lilly wouldn’t mind if some other person sees what was happening. It would be a turn on to her too.

With her left boob on the guy’s shoulder. the guy’s hand slowly moved in to get in contact with Lilly’s pussy. Eksakto! Lilly is wearing slacks! I knew the guy would feel Lilly’s crack through her pants. And add up her neatly trimmed pubes that would leave her glory lips uncovered. I saw the guy’s hand moving up and down. I hear heavy breathing. Lilly is trembling. Being rubbed on her breasts, ass and pussy is total satisfaction! I moved my hand passing through Lilly’s side and onto her pussy. I opened the snaps of her slacks. Thanks to bikini cut panties, reaching her pussy was no problem. And damn! She is soaking wet. I pulled my hand out and signaled the guy… it’s his turn. The guy fingered Lilly. I saw Lilly’s hand inside the guy’s pants. He was wearing slack too. Lilly’s hand was moving so fast. Her hand was fucking the guy’s cock. After several stokes, I heard barely audible grunts. Nilabasan na yung guy.

After a short while, Lilly’s body stiffened. Her face turned flush red. She came too. But the guy didn’t want to let go of Lilly’s pussy. Nor does she want to remove her hands from the guy’s pants. The rubbing started at Santolan Station, the guy pulled out his hand when we are about to reach Kamuning. We all unboarded at Quezon Ave. The guy was ahead of us. He was taking small glances and smiles to Lilly. I saw Lilly smiling back. we all enjoyed the experience. It was only after the incident when Lilly told me the guy was able to use two fingers and she came twice. She also said the guy has a thick long cock. Lilly is always excited when we talk about the incident. Lilly was late for work, but the experience was extraordinary. We both liked it. We even talk about it while having sex. We should have gotten the guy’s number for a possible threesome… again… We are planning on doing it again in the future. And perhaps do more daring stuffs. for reading.

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