Misis Nasarapan sa Bawat Kantot The End

“Ang ganda talaga ng lugar. Nakaka relax ang ganito. Tamang swimming lang at alak solve na. Malayo sa ingay.” nasabi ko habang nagmamasid sa villa.

“Oh hon, halika na at mag swimming tayo.”

“Okay hon, saglit lang.”

So ayun nakapag relax kami pareho habang nag swimming.

“Ang ganda ng lugar hon. Thank you for this vacation. Loveyah!”

“Let’s enjoy the moment hon. Loveyah too!”

“May mangilan ngilang turista din pala dito.”

“Yeah hon. Actually remember yung kasabayan natin pag check in.”

“Oh yeah! Yung ibang mga turista.”

“Yeah. Dinadayo din sila dito lalo na yung mga gustong magrelax lang talaga.”

“Ahon nako hon. Punta lang ako sa room natin ha.” Paalam ko kay misis.

“Okay hon. Dito lang muna ako at magbababad.”

“Sige, enjoy.”

I went to our room to take a nap. Medyo pagod din kasi sa biyahe. Hindi ko namalayan na napasarap pala ako. Almost 2 hrs din at hinanap ko muna si misis.

“Hon, nakabalik kana ba?”

She’s not in our room kaya lumabas ako sa poolside…..

” Wala din dito si misis. Saan kaya nagpunta yun.”

Naglibot ako sa buong lugar para hanapin siya ngunit hindi ko ito mahanap. Kaya nagtanong na ako sa mga staff sa may pool.

“Tol, nakita niyo ba misis ko?”

“Yung babae na nag swimming kanina dito sir?”

“Yeah, ang naka two piece na blue.”

“Oh, huling nakita ko sir may kausap lang siya kanina.”

“Alam mo kaya kung saan nagpunta.”

“Wait sir, pagtatanong ko.”

Maya maya………..

“Sir, yung lalaki daw is room sa room 205 naka check in.”

“Sige, salamat at baka andun nga siya.”

Pinuntahan ko nga ang room na sinabi ng staff…..


“Yeah! How may i help you?”

It caught me by surprise na ang lalaking nandoon ay foreigner.

“I was like looking for this lady. Did she happen to drop by chance?”

“Oh so you’re the husband? Come in she was like sucking my cock right now.”


“Well, I’m kidding. But she sure is sexy huh.”

“Oh okay.”

“She’s in the kitchen though. Joan, your husband’s here.”

“Oh, be right there.”

“Oh hon, ano ginagawa mo dito?”

“Peter here keep me company while you were sleeping.”

“Oh okay. Is it okay with you?”

“Yeah. I’m alone and you’re wife makes a great company.”

“Okay Peter, we have to go.”

“Mind if i join the two of you later. Dinner and drinks on me.”

“Well, it’s up to my hubby here. ‘coz you know in here, if you have drinks you do have ulterior motives.”

“Well, no harm intended though.”

“It’s okay with me. Later then.”

Bumalik na kami sa room namin at nagpahinga muna…….

“You really look sexy hon.”

“Hmmmm, ohhhhm!”

“Hon, let me suck that fucking cock.”

“Ahhhhm! Ohhhhm!”

“Thank you for this experience hon. It’s a great place.”

“Ohhhhhm! Ahhhhm! Slurppp!”

“Ang galing mo talagang chumupa hon.”

“Slurp! Ahhhhm!”

“Ohhhhm! Sarap ng bibig mo hon.”

“Hon, fuck me now please. Fuck me hard.”

“Ohhhhm! Ahmmmm!”

Plok! Plok! Plok! Plok!

“Harder hon. Fuck me more. Bilisan mo pa at diinan.”

“Ohhhhm! Ahmmmm! Basang basa ka hon ah! Libog na libog na.”

“Yeah hon! Kantutin mo pa ako!”

Ramdam ko na parang stretched out ang pussy ni Joan ng mga time na yun. It seems na kinantot siya ni Peter habang nakatulog ako.

Plok! Plok! Plok!

“Ahhhm! Ohhhhm! Ayan na ako hon. Lalabasan na ako!”

“Sabay tayo hon.”

“Ahhhhh! Ohhhhhm! Fuck! Sarap!”

Napuno ng pinaghalong tamod at nektar ang pussy ni Joan. It was a great fuck pero ramdam ko talaga na stretched out ang pussy nito. Nagpakantot nga ba ito ng hindi ko alam.

Later in the evening………

“Thanks for having me tonight. Am i not a nuisance?”

“No, we could use some great company.”

“We’re having some good rhum for tonight, steak and the chef’s special.”

“Whoa! Nice.”

“This is to celebrate our new friendship.”

“To our new friendship, then.”

“A lady’s drink for the lady her.”

We ended up drinking and talking about lots of stuff until we’re almost knocked out cold due to drunkenness.

Yeah, lasing ako that time pero alam ko pa naman nangyayari sa paligid ko. Minabutinkong magpahinga muna at nakaidlip nga ako sa kinauupuan ko.

Nagising ako that time na wala ang dalawa sa table at kahit lasing ay tinunton ko ang kwarto ni Peter.

“Oh buti nalang at hindi lock.”

Dahan dahan ang bawat paggalaw ko. Hindinkonmaintindihan ang nararamdaman. Tila natatakot akon ngunit na excite din sa maaring masaksihan.

“Oh Fred. You really have such a big cock. Fuck me more please. Fuck me deep and hard. Ahhhhhm!”

“You’re such a great bitch girl. Ahhhhm! Ohhhm!”

“Yeah Peter. I am your bitch. Now fuck me harder. Ahhhhhm I’m so full!”

“Oh such a tight pussy. Ohhm! Ahhhm!”

“Ahhhhm! Ohhhhm!”

Plok! Plok! Plok! Plok!

“I’m cumming Peter. Ahhhhhhm here I cum. Ohhhhh fuckkk!”

“Whoa such a juicy pussy. We’re not done yet girl. Come here mount my cock.”

“But i can’t feel my legs yet. Why not fuck me rough from behind instead.”

“Oh you love it dogstyle huh. Okay kneel down then. I’ll make you lose your legs.”

“Oh yeah baby. I love it rough you know.”

“Ohhhhm ahm! It’s even tighter this way. This sweet pussy.”

“Ohh my shit! I love it baby. Now fuck me hard. Ahhhhhm ohhhhm! Spank that ass for me please.”

“Oh like this huh? Spank! Spank! Spank!”

“Yeah like that! Like that! Like that! Fuck me hard. Ohhhh!”

Plok! Plok! Spank! Plok! Spank!

“Ohhhhm fuck me more baby. Spank that ass.”

“Whoa! Nice bitch huh. Ohhhm ahhhm!”

“I’m cumming again. Damn it!”

“Let me cum with you then.”

“Fill my pussy with your cum!”

“Ahhhhm! Here we go! Ohhhhhh fuck! Ahhhh! Ohhhhm! Damn.”

“Ohhh! Ahhh! Ohhhhm! Shit! That was hot.”

“That was great. You’re such a great fuck baby.”

“I’m loving this cock baby. I want more of it.”

“You can baby. Ohhhm!”

“Now, why don’t you go back first to your hubby.”

My wife had really changed. I was all my fault in fulfilling my fantasy. All i feel now is jealousy. My wife is already cheating on me just to fulfill her desire for sex.

Til the moment we have to return home came…….

“Hon, how are you feeling?”

“I’m already good hon. So how about you?”

“I’m feeling great hon. Thank you.”

“So are we ready to move out yet?”

“Yeah! Let’s hit the road.”

The moment na nakabalik na kami sa bahay at sa work doon ko nabalitaan na nag migrate na pala si Grace at Fred sa Canada at doon na maninirahan for good.

It’s like everything changed with Joan. She always go home late making excuse. We barely even had sex.

I tried following her one time and I have seen her coming and leaving out of Peter’s apartment accompanied by him.

Yeah, she’s been having sex with Peter.

Now, i came back to my hometown living a simple life with my new partner. No more fantasies. I left Joan with a note.

“I know it is all my fault and I could not bear the consequences. I am leaving for good. I know what you have been doing so before i lost control of every situation. I will be of great distance from you. Hope you find new happiness as I found mine. Loving, Jake.”

So i get to hold of a message from Joan.

“I’m also sorry we ended up like this. Don’t worry about me. Happy narin ako sa ngayon. I’m with Peter and we were doing fine now, he decided to stay here for good. Hope you live a happy life. We may have ended things between us tragically. Rest assured, I’m here for you as you are with me, I’m sure..”

“Thanks. Yes indeed, don’t hesitate to call me for help if ever.”

Epilogue: We ended up with new partners but we remained friends. She’s happy with Peter and so am I. There was never a good thing about it. Yeah it brings pleasure momentarily with a great risk of losing everything in the process.

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