Mother and Son Pinoy Incest

I appreciate the fact that we are not alone in the Philippines that is exercising an intimate incestuous relationship between a mother and a son.

Sorry but we cannot risk our lives by publishing our photos nor attend to sexual orgy with others. My Mom and I had this vows that we have remain secret, and discreet. I just had to share this to know if we wave the same case here in the Philippines.

As I said, we have no regrets of what happened and what is still happening between us. I love every minute having my mom as a lover the moment we started it in 1995.

Last week only, we did again there in Manila, when I accompanied her to attend a gathering in financial banking. She still introduced me as the Son and I am proud of it.

I was her chapperon, alalay per say, so all I did was to watch her during the party. That night, she wore a never seen, black evening dress accentuated her slim body. You can never tell that my mom is now 50 years old now.

When we were in the taxi back to the hotel, I had to caress her lovely bare legs.. and smell thus perfume in her neck that is killing me to keep “up” for the past hours.

When I was inside her that night, I saw her drop a tear in her eye. Asking me, “tumatanda na ako, gusto mo pa rin ba ako?..

I stopped and kissed her full and said.. “walang katapusan..”

Dont know how many times we came to each other that night, all I know is that we were both exhausted in the morning, and woke up by 12nn.

It was the most sensual, erotic sex we had that moments, after several years of doing it.

We do not do it so often, like sex maniacs or sex starve person, we want to do it full of love and passion. She once told me that I am the best of what I do to her every time. Though most of what I know, was only and firstly used to her alone. She had never eaten down there, that I had only seen in some porno movies. Eventually she become addicted to my tongue, from the time I started eating her til she comes.

I put it in all words, how this actually started. I know it was when she became lonely after my dad left us for another woman in 1990. (He was shot to death three years later, by unknown gunman.) I had a sister, but in 1994 she married an American and had moved there, never returned since then. She only called, nor say high trough broadbands with her family.

It was her loneliness I know when, sometimes in October of 1995, after a typhoon and all was power was out for almost a week, that I think I remember It started.

I am sleeping in the middle of the night when I felt something is rubbing me with some wet and sticky thing down on me. My shorts were down, and I had a full blown erection. I realized after snapping my senses that my mom was standing beside my bed, she was holding her nightgown to her waist, her left foot on the floor, the other up in by my bed.

She was grinding her wetness into my hardness. It was just rubbing not inserting but I remember being stiff. I did not move, nor did alarm her of my awareness. Her eyes were closed, not making any loud sound but her breathing is heavy.

I Never knew what happened, but she suddenly stopped and almost collapsed on top me. She arranged herself and walked hurriedly to her room.

The next morning was normal to us, but I cannot express how I feel.. what to feel.

The following days were normal. Until one night I started to dream of what she did to me. It aroused me so much.

Days were followed by weeks and months but nobody mentioned about anything nor asked what happened. I was contemplating that she was not aware I am awake the night she visited me in bed.

In December that year, my relationship with my mom was now becoming uncomfortable. Seeing her now as a woman, not as my mom. It was hard. I did not peek at her, nor spy on her I am not into that. But by just looking at her, in every ways -makes my heart raced and always makes me hard.

I attended a birthday party after Christmas and I shot 2 beers. I felt alone in my bed so I just want to feel someone beside me that night, and decided to sleep in my moms bed. I just dropped my body lay beside her, and embraced her to get sleep.

Sometime around 4am it happened again. I notice that she took out my hardness and rubbing it again in hers.

I do not know what made me do it, I just grabbed her shoulders and laid myself on top of her… pushing my hardness inside her.

She was fighting out of shock. I pinned my entire body with her to prevent further movements and rejections. And Inserted my fullness inside her wet center. She was fighting, with no words saying. She was scolding my arms and my backs.. and squeezing her legs, to prevent my hardness inside her.

It felt unimaginable inside her. Wetness, softness and her hotness inside -all in one- is incomparable feelings.

We remain still and silent for 3 minutes, not moving my hardness inside her. Embracing her body more to me.

Until I suddenly move slowly in and out of her. I felt her tension subsided and swiftly she followed the slow rhythm i started inside her.

I believe the beer is in effect, because I did not ejaculate sooner for another 15-20 minutes, while slowly moving in and out of her. Every time, her nails dig in my back, I know she had come> I Know because her fluids were flowing like a faucet under me. It was very arousing moment.

I finally come inside her, after 20 minutes or so, with our cheeks and chins grinding. Unsure if we could look into our eyes and faces – in those seconds of our first sex – loading my semen inside my mom.

The following morning I got a letter from her, saying that it should not happen again.

Of course, we did it again after two days, and still happening until now.

We had our vows and commitment to each other that we will protect our lives from persecutors. That is why, we leave carefully bounded by restrictions and rules for us to stay happy forever.

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