Perfect Kong Girlfriend Part 23

Hmp!! Currently here in School. The teacher Mr. Bolante something is discussin somethin… But I cant seem to get what his teaching.

Damn!! This is Neddie’s Fault!! Stupid!! I’m gonna beat you up!! Was all I could think of! I had to slice lots of kamatis for his monggow… Slice a lot of pork… Fried his favorite fish Tilapia… And what did he do??

PAK!! As I slammed my right hand into my chair!

“Miss Avibar?? What’s the matter??” It was Mr. Bolante.

Damn!! Again… This is stupid NEddie’s Fault!! Huhu! Everyone of my classmates in this subject was laughing and staring at me!! Shit! I had to cover my face shyly…

“Sorryy…” I said quietly… Embarrased.

“Guys… Guys… Tama na yan… Enough… Nagsorry na si Jessica… Hey stop that…” I heard

someone said with an accent… Almost like mine.

When I looked up… I saw this handsome… Goodlooking guy… with a well-chiseled body… He looks kinda Fil-amish kinda guy…

When he caught me looking… He smiled at me with the most sweetest smile…

Jessica Avibar pa rin….

It was 11:30am… The end of my 2th subject for today. I hurriedly went outside…. I had to cook somethin for my Baby Neddie! He always goes home for Lunch!


“Hey! Hey WAit!!” I heard someone with a loud voice calling.

But I still rushed towards the Gate… Until I felt someone took hold of my right hand. DA FUQ!! I looked to see who it was!! It felt like a Guys hand… Me feeling how hot and strong it was. ITS Definitely a Fucking Male!! In my head… This asshole’s gonna get it!! My left hand was ready… About to let loose…

When I saw the guy’s Face… It was the Handsome Guy at our class!! The one who covered for me! Though I dont really need any covering…

“You-You Forgot your Book…” He had the sweetest smile in the World.

No not the sweetest… 2nd only to my Baby Neddie. My husband has the most sweetest smile. But this guy with his handsome face and well defined face. I also noticed he is taller than me… And even Neddie… His body… Like one of those well-maintained guys in TV…

“Here you go…” The Guy.

As he handed over my book…

“Thanks!” As I looked at his right hand still holding unto me.

“Oh Yes! Right Sorry!!” The Guy.

I started to turn around when…

“Hey… Wait…”

DA FUCK!! WHAT!!? I shouted in my mind! What now?? As I was forced to face him again.

“My name’s Blake… Ahh… I’m your… I’m…”

SO?? In my mind I answered.

“I’m actually your partner for research…”

“Huh??” With my uber-sungit go-away-look.

“You… didnt know… But Mr. Bolante…”

“Wha-what… Who?”

“Our Prof… You practically ran… But MR. Bolante partnered you and me for our report-

research project…” He continued rambling…


But I thought I was gonna be partnered with Tin-tin. Where the hell is Tin-tin anyway?? i havent seen her in the past few days.

“Actually… We can talk about it while eating lunch…”

Research Paper or Baby Neddie?? I remembered what he did yesterday evening… My blood quickly rushed to my head!! I remembered how angry I was at him last evening…

“Why not…”

“It’s my treat…” The Blake guy continued on.

“Well ok… Ok! Whatever you want…” I answered again.

“ALRIGHT!! Let’s!” Blake said as he sounded very happy.

I was so happy that Jessica said yes. She was the most beautiful thing I ever laid my eyes upon. I still vividly remember the first time I saw her… As she walked past me… I was about to pay for my enrollment… I thought the World stop… She’s soo beautiful… You would think an Angel just went down from heaven to grace us!!

Her face… Oh My!! She could put those young actresseses in TV to shame!! And my Ghod! Wearing just a simple white Tee and just the right of jeans…. Her light sexy body… Her Skin… NAtural Tisay White!! Everything about her… Perfect boobs… Perfect Ass… . Besides mah Dick, My heart also fluttered with Joy!!

She was the Perfect Girlfriend for me!! I even briefly forgot I had a girlfriend back in the States! I dont care who she is with right now. I’m gonna make her mine!

Nagmamadali akong pumunta sa tagpuan namin ni Lhux! PAgkakita ko sa kanya para akong napalundag sa sabik!

“Uy!” Kaway nya sakin.

Ang ganda talaga nya!! isang dalagang parang ngayon palang namumukadkad ang ganda! Tsaka iba ang ayos nya ngayon, Isang simpleng dress na hapit sa kanyang seksi at batang-batang katawan!! Hindi mo aakaling sa isang beerhouse sya nagtatrabaho. Dito para lang syang isang normal na dalagitang namamasyal.

“So-sorry ha… Kanina ka pa?” Tanong si ako.

“Mejo… Tara… Kain na tayo! Nang makarami…” Ang aya nya sakin… Ubod ng tamis ang ngiti!

Sabay akap nya dalawang kamay sa kaliwang braso.

WOW!! Parang magsyota!! Taas-noo uli ako, habang naglalakad kasama ang kaygandang dalagang ito nakakapit pa sakin. Ibig ba sabihin nito may syota nako??? Di ba gawain ng magsyota to?? Ang naglalakad sweet na sweet sa isa’t isa? Ang gaan ng pakiramdam ko! Iba talaga pag lahat nangyayari sa una palang.

NAg-ayang kumain si Lhux sa isang karinderyang nakita nya unang-una palang. Pero hinde ako pumayag… Si Lhux ang kauna-unahang babaeng nagbigay ng ganitong klaseng ligaya sakin…

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