Perfect Kong Girlfriend Part 26

I miss my baby NEddie… I miss cuddling in bed with him. Talking to him about everything under the sun. I miss cooking for him, I miss making love to him… My body would sometimes feel soo hot and I would be tempted to just wake him up during the evening and make wild-one-one concensual HOTSEX between Husband and Wife!! But my stupid pride would get in the way!

So to make it short… Because of my stubborn-headedness. Me and my Husband were not talking for past 1 week now. OH MY GHOD! I miss everything about him!! I miss my loving Husband!! He’s my bestfriend, my best Lover!! The best companion!! And most of all, the Love of my Lifetime!!

Why not just cut it short na kasi??

NOOO!!! Ang sigaw ng aking Jessica side na matigas-ulo. You have to draw the line ok Jessica!? You have to make it as early as now!! Or else he’ll do it again and again!! Ang sigaw ng aking pride-side.

But he already said Sorry right? So that’makes it right??? AHHHH SHEETT!!! NAguguluhan na ako!!

When we met each other right in front of our bathroom… I went past him with my Ultra Suplada make Face! My eyes rolled inside their sockets like some crazy bitch. That’s when I saw him about to say something… At that moment I quickly gave him my quick dagger glance look!! Whatever he was about to say went unsaid.

In the corner of my eye, I could see him still looking at me… His eyes sad and longing. During that moment… My heart almost gave way. I was almost tempted to just face him, and hug him na!! Both my heart and my cunt are longing for him!! Soo much it hurts!!

But again my stupid Pride had to stand in the way!! Why do we have these feelings? When he is just there… My cute handsomish husband right in front me, and I cant even hug and make love to him?? We couldve been inside the bathtub na, making hot steamy make-up sex… SIGH…

Until finally… One morning. I woke up clear-headed and soo Relax!! GO JESSICA!! This has been going on for almost two weeks na!! It’s time for PEace!!

Finally!! I decided to end my stupid-praning lang moments!! Down with The galit-galitan Jess!! DAMN!! STUPID FUCK!! I cant even remember why I got this angry at Neddie soo much… In the first place. STUPID! STUPID!! STUPID!!!

I slowly went out of bed… Wearing only my favorite walking shorts. Nothing underneath my white t-shirt with a cute avatar on the front. I quietly took a peek outside. No sound… It soo quiet!! I started to silently make my way down the stairs. I looked into the sala… No Neddie!!

I bit my pointy finger between my lips. Where the hell did he go this early in the morning?? Maybe in the kitchen preparing breakfast?? I smiled!! I wanna make peace with my husband na! I hurried past the dining room… My heart is soo happy and excited!! It was beating soo Fast and strong… It almost feels like its about to go out of my ribs!! TOG!DOG!! TOG DOG!!

My Husband? OH MY Husband!!! I wanted to hug my husby baby-Neddie na!! Kiss Him in the lips and on the neck!! Dig my nose and lips in my husbands neck, Smell my Neddie’s nice familiar bodily scent! GOSH!! In my mind not only my heart is happy to see him. But also my pussy?? Youre one NAughty Horny Fuck JEssica!! My body is excited na for a torrid Make-up SEX!!! Before I wasnt really like this. Only Neddie thought me how to awake my inner desires!

But when I reached the kitchen… Still… No Neddie! Where the?! I was furiuous!! Just when I was about to forgive him!!

RELAX!! Relax Jessica!! Think about it first! Maybe he’s outside?

Oh my GHOD!! RIGHT!! STUPID!! Of COURSE!! He went for a jog outside! I quickly went up back to our bedroom. Changed to a suitable jogging attire. I wore my dark blue jogging pants with, matching tight fitting shirt! This will ought to bring him down!! Hehe!! I quickly looked at the mirror. There I saw my super-pamatay sexy college figure! Are you ready for these, ny dear Husband?!! NEddie’s definitely gonna drool over me now!!

That’s When… I heard noises outside our Window. Talking, giggling, laughing voices. PEOPLE!! A voice of One Female and One Male!! The male voice seems familiar. I quickly took a look outside… It was NEDDIEE! He’s there in our neighbor Lhea’s front lawn, sitted righd beside the garden table…

What’s more is… Just beside my husband. Is our ultra-sexy girl neighbor… Lhea something!! Wearing only white sando… With no bra! Her white underboobs in full view in front of my husband!! Her nips…Turk-hard!! And She’s wearing these… Uber-super iksi-shortS!! BITCHINESS!!!

Then she turned around… Walked right back inside her house. Her round-sexy ass bouncing as if theyre tempting my NEddie… My Husband.


That’s when my hands trembled soo hard. I want to punch that beautiful bitch back to plutoww!! BANGG!!! As I slammed my right hand unto the steel grills on the front of our veranda…

Not soo Long… The bitch… She’s back!! That was fast!!? In her hands, she’s carrying a tray with food on it. Who is she giving it to? I quickly found out who it is for…

Is that For my NEDDIEE!!? That Fucking!!! As she set it down gently on the garden table where my husbie-Neddie is.

She bent down so sloow… I could almost swear my maniac husband’s eye would be fix like in a trance… ogling that bitch’s white smooth creamy cleavage. I’m Gonna KILL HER!!!

But I trust my Neddie… I know he aint gonna fall easily to the likes of these woman’s charms. But when I saw NEddie… He’s staring and almost drooling at our neighbor girls sexy-ass curves!


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