Perfect Kong Girlfriend Part 6

It was already past 1 hour when I received Ate Sofia’s last text message, but she still hasnt arrived yet. It was already getting late. I think I will go home na in the next 30 minutes or so…
I wanna go home to my Neddie… I know they have their own private party with the boy’s. It should be finished by now. I wonder if they also have, uhm… sexy girls dancing for them… Hmmmm…

When I was about to text Ate Sofia, the door to our Rented PArty Room opened and look who arrived!
It’s my beautiful Ate!! Ate Sofia!! I felt happy and relieved when I saw her. Her hair seems kinda… a little bit wet. Maybe she just woke up?! Haay… Ate!! You’re still the same as ever!!
I also noticed she was having difficulty walking towards me. She’s holding onto her back as well… Hmm… and her expression like she’s…

Ayna tried to help her, but she gently pushed aside Ayna’s helping hands… The other girls didnt see her.
They where busy dancing crazily and singing… I think they already had too much to drink.

“Ate!! Where have you been? We have been waiting for you forever you know…” I said.

“Sorry baby Sister… just needed to take care of some things Heeheehee” she said smiling…

“Hmp! I thought you forgot again eh…” I said.

Then she sat beside me…

When she finally sat on the sofa… “Aww!”

“Huh? Why? What happened to you? Are you Ok?!” I asked.

“No-nothing… heehee… It’s ok baby sister…” she answered… I notice her smile seems different

I know my Evil Elder sister enough, to know something’s not right… hmmmmm.

“Are you sure you’re awright? But… Why are you sitting like that?” I asked as she looked like
she is in a discomfort sitting on the Sofa.

“NO! NO I’m Ok! Dont Worry about it… Come… Lets drink!… Let’s Celebrate My Baby Sister!!”
she said loudly as she put up her one glass fill of wine and gave me the other.

“Cheers!” She said as our glasses touch.

Maybe I’m just thinking too much… I said to myself… Why not Just enjoy the party Jessica! As we drank to ourselves the whole night!! I will just text NEddie later we will be a little late… Hihi.


Sofia Olivia Avibar…

I was in a rush to get to my baby Sister’s party. OH My!! The pain!!… Just to get to the establishment were my two baby sister’s are… it’s a struggle… Fuck!! This is Cutie’s Fault… Damn!!

When I finally entered the Room where the Party was held. There was a loud thudding dance music.
Most of the Girls were Jessica’s friends and classmates. They were dancing on the center of the floor laughing wildly.

The only one sitting on a large sofa was the soon to be bride, my beautiful baby sister Jessica. OOPS!!

I tried my best to walk straight and relaxed as possible… but awww… It’s so Hard! The Fuck!! I would never try that again!! FUCK CUTIE!! Then I saw the various types of alcohol on the center of the large table. I had an idea… I hurried to where my baby sister is…

OH MY GHOD!! When I sat down… Wew!! CUTIE!!! You’re gonna pay for this Dammit!!

I tried my best to act as if nothin is happenin, I know my baby sister might notice if I didnt. I quickly opened a bottle of Vodka! Better get myself drunk Tto Numb the pain a little bit Heehee!!

We drank the whole night! Me, my baby sister Jessica, Bianca, Ayna… and this Tin-tin, Janice and some other girls… and OH Cutie’s Little Sister… Grace… She’s growing into a fine lady as well… She also asked us to keep this a secret as her family didnt know she’s drinking with us.

The Day of the Wedding… Kay Ate Sofia pa rin…

A Few days later… My sister was wearing this simple white exqusite looking gown. She is being walked down the aisle by my handsome Dad… Victor Avibar.

Jessica is the most… beautiful girl in the world today! Ok I’ll let you take the spotlight today baby sister, just for today heeheehee! She’s smiling like there’s no more tomorrow!! The walk was like in slow motion. The scenery is beautiful. It was indeed a Garden Wedding, just like what my baby Sister wished it would be. There was just a few people present. Close friends, Family, Relatives…

When JEssica walked past me, I saw tears in her eyes. She laughed softly when our eyes met. I gave her a quick wink.

Then when Dad and Jessica finally reached the aisle, I looked on as Dad was handing over Jessica’s hand to… the most handsomest man in the world for me… Ned… Monedo Eugenio…my Cutie… He was wearing a simple black coat and tie…OHH! Look How Cute he is… Then for a just a moment… I saw Cutie looked at me and smiled just before he reached over and got hold of Jessica’s hand…

DAMN!! A tear fell down on my Hand… Oh Shit!

I suddenly remembered seeing this ad on TV, The Bes… Bestfriend commercial… It really felt like… I’m the pitiful guy there!

Oh My Ghod! It sucks!! This Fucking Feeling!! FUCK! FUCK!! The Hell with them!! I wanted to shoot the Fuckin Guy Dead for giving her up to another Man!

But still… Sniff…sniff!! I can’t stop some of my tears from fallin… SHIT! SHIT!! Were is my hanky when you need them. Then someone… I didnt see the face… offered a handkerchief…

I quickly grabbed the handkerchief… The Hell!! And softly as possible… blowed on it.


Sniff… I looked around if someone saw me like this… Good!! No One!! Heehee!

But not so far away… I saw this Tin-tin girl… I think she was Cutie’s Best Buddy in College… She’s also in tears while the wedding is going on. What the?!

I tried to gamely watch the wedding ceremony… It was like… IT was like… I’m viewing it from out of my body… My tears started to build up again when it was time for the… ring part… Oh My Ghod!! NO!! Then there’s the Fucking Music! Huhu…

I remembered the times when me and Cutie were making Out! The Hot, Torrid Sex and Fucking Session! I started to feel horny! I blinked a couple of times…

Jessica was about to put on the ring on Cutie’s finger. NO!! Sniff! Oh how I wish that was me doing that. But Why should I?! I should be happy for my baby Sister. Have I somehow fallen for Cutie??

In my heart… it feels so heavy! Then I watched on… with tears in my eyes… the part where the groom kisses the bride…

“You may kiss the bride…” said the Fucking Pastor… or is that a priest or a Shaman? The Hell do
I care!!

In my Evil mind… I wanted to cut the Wedding short… Guns ablazing!! That would be Fun! Yeah!! Wait a minute!! Where was the part where the Priest or pastor something would ask if there was someone opposed to the Wedding!!? I wanted to raise my hand!! Shit!! What’s happening to me?!

“Hey… Sofia… Are you alright iha…” a hand, it was my Mom’s! Rubbin my back.

I quickly wiped off the tears from the corner of my eyes before I looked at her.

“Of course mom!!” I gave the best looking smile.

“Why are you crying?” she asked.

Crying?!! Who?! ME?! Sofia Olivia Avibar? Cry!? No Way!!! Was what I wanted to Say…

“I… I’m just happy for Jessica mom…” I finally said. I tried my best to say that with a straight

Then when I looked again, the Ceremony was over. They were now walking… at the center of the aisle… stroding happily… both of them soo Goodlooking…

They will be going to the car… Where on the back… JUST MARRIED Somethin was written.

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