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My first time to post, and gusto ko lang i share yung email conversation namin ng special friend ko. We have one rule, and 1 rule alone, no sex. because, she’s in a relationship, and i’m married. Lagi kaming mag ka chat sa office and sa gabi emails na lang (baka mahuli ako e haha). so eto yung snippet, i made this on the fly kasi nga somewhat late na din kaming nag sisimulang mag usap sa email. and of course, pinalitan ko yung name. I hope you guys enjoy!!

april: Kiss lang? Im tired so i need a full body massage.

Me: ok then. so i’ll tell you to lie down, your back facing front. i’m going to jump on to your back, sit on your butt. i’ll slowly massage your neck while giving emphasis on my thing on your butt. slowly but surely, i’m going to massage your lower back, then a slow lean in on to your ear then whisper..

“want me to take off your clothes?”

april: yes please.

And one more thing, hard massage pleaaaase…

Me: so both of us are naked. i’m thinking pagod ka so i’ll start doing a hard massage on your right leg, then your left. then i’m going to sit now on your butt, with a hard on, with no clothes on. my thing is perfectly align on your back massaging your soft, smooth back again. of course, i’ll gently press my entire body to yours. then i’ll stop

i’m going to ask you to lie on your side to do a spoon position. again we’re butt naked. this time, i’m going to hug you, feel your body heat then slowly but surely, kiss your neck. then whisper.. “i love you…”

april: Whew! Read it for like mga 5times before thinking of my reply. How i wish you’re here with me. I can imagine everything.. i can imagine your hands all over my body. I can feel your body next to me.. so passionate.. so romantic…

Tipsy ka lang ba? Or you really mean that “i love you”? Those words melted me..

I love you too :*

Me: im tipsy but not that drunk. i mean everything

back to my imagination (smile all over!! i’ll never gonna delete this mail promise!! and, wag mo ng reply to, masisira moment ng imagination natin)

so what happened next is you face me, wrap your hands around me and then looked into my eyes and said.. “I love you too my love”.. our eyes met, slowly, inch by inch, our lips touched and we passionately kissed. my right hand grabbed your back, my left hand held your hair. our legs intertwined with each other. our private parts slowly grind with each other, without penetration.

everything was a bliss. your tongue slowly slipped into my mouth. i fought back. with each passionate kiss, our warmth slowly became one. you stopped the kiss then whispered.. “take me..”

from there i mount you. kissed your neck, slowly. on while carefully held you tightly. our body are still rubbing at each other. from your neck, to your breast, gently fondling it. then to your navel.

slowly i kissed your thigh.. from there, i heard a moan, a passionate moan full of lust and love… then our eyes met

what will you say to me after our eyes met love? i’ll wait :*

april: Oh my god. I dont know what to say. Maybe i’ll just kiss and hug you sooo tight.

Hai love.. i want you so bad.

Me: so when our eyes met, you just nodded your head giving me enough reason to take you.

while my head is in between your thigh, i gently smack it until my face is in front of your private part. in a gradual movement, i caress it using my tongue, waiting for that wonderful music which is your moan. being consistent was the key. the smell of it was pure heaven as you slowly reached for my hair and pulled it closer. both of your legs locked my head so i use all my skill to impress you. your moan keeps getting louder and louder as i can feel you twitch more and more. then i stopped.

leaned in and give you the most sincere kiss and asked you.. “will you let me?”

april: Yes love, yes.

Me: gently, i positioned myself to be parallel to you. never looking away, while our eyes are perfectly align, i slowly hug you. doing so, made my private part on slowly poking at yours.

gently, i kissed you, no tongue, just a kiss with no intention but love. you hugged me back. i slipped my right leg in between your legs, while your left leg made it easier for me to do so. your right leg opened up automatically as i position my left leg to be ready.

the tip of my manhood slowly poked over yours, which made it easier to find the spot because you’re soaking wet. the first time i poke was the first time you moan loud enough to made me insert my tongue into your mouth. without penetration still, you crossed your legs on to my butt letting me know that you want me, you need me.

i poked again until the head was completely inside, submerged by your wetness. you thrust your hips, which as i did also. another moan covered the silence we had in the room.

i thrust in, as you did the same, and then we kissed. passionately, without hesitation. form there we both realize that we are now one. together, bounded by love. thrusting was faster than before. i held you even tighter as you also did. thrusting each other like no other lover could.

sweat was all over but we did not care. hands were all over each other as we keep getting faster and faster letting each other know how much we mean. our heart beat matched each other. no one can separate us now.

you bit my right ear and whisper “i coming my love..” as i nod my head with assurance that i’ll come to.

on that moment we came at the same time, with our body still as one. breathing slowly as we never let go of each other…

april: Hey, sorry i ran out of words. Im still imaging everything you’ve said. You naughty boy, you have to make everything harder for me.

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