Sex sa Bridal Shower Part 3

After the steamy, lusty scene, surprisingly, I was still holding my dick, still hard but have not yet ejaculated from that obscenity. Akala ko pipigilan talaga ni Julie na huwag makipag-sex at hanggang oral lang. It all came down on me. Invited pa naman kami sa kasal, since my wife will be one of her bridesmaids. I think my brain can’t take the thought. Oo, nakakalibog. Pero mali eh. But deep inside, perhaps my unconscious, there was a more, devilish thought. How about my wife?

It was just a very fast thought, pagkatapos ko narinig sa background ang sinabi ni Anton.

“Let’s get the party started girls!”
“More strippers!”

Pati kaya ang magandang asawa ko, bibigay?

And the video ended there. Wala nang kasunod sa Messenger dummy account. I went searching for more. Even though the mixed feelings were there. The deadly sins were there, except gluttony. Kinalkal ko ang profile, nothing.

Hmm…I guess I’ll never know, maliban na lang kung manggagaling mismo sa asawa ko.

And before I knew it, my dick is as hard as a stone, again.

“Are you a cuckold?” said my brain.

“Should I?” my conscience asked.

“I believe you are.” my dick says.

Ayan. Kaya maraming nabubuntis ng maaga. Maraming nambababae. Maraming nagkakatulo at AIDS. Punyetang titi yan.

At bumukas ang pinto. Si Shane. Di ko alam kung papaano ko siya kokomprontahin. Di ko alam kung sasabihin ko ba ang director’s cut na napanood ko kani-kanina lang. All she did was to enter our unit, amazed at my cleaning ability and praised me. Then she kissed me, very passionately.

“Hmmmm..ang galing naman ng hubby ko. Ang linis ng bahay!” she said while we were kissing.
“Bakit ang tigas niyan?” she noticed.

“Nanonood kang porn noh?”

“Hala, hindi ah. Dumating ka kasi. Para ka kasing Angel. Pero masarap na angel.” I smirked and proceeded with the lusty deed.

Walang ano-ano, binuhat ko ang aking asawa papunta sa kama. I quickly unbuttoned her office attire, and her very rich, white tits, covered in a fancy bra, sprang up for my eyes to feast. Inalis ko kaagad ang strap na nasa harapan lang. At lumuwa ang kanyang boobs, with a nice pinkish nipples. Dahil may kalakihan ang boobs niya, her nipple size is around the size of a piso coin, pero sobrang nakakalibog dahil sa pinkish color nito.

I immediately grabbed her right boobs, mashed it like a dough, circled my fingers in both her nipples. Nung tumigas na, I passionately licked her right, hard nipples, then, I was like a baby sucking her mother’s teats. She was moaning lustfully, tigas na tigas na talaga titi ko and I’d like to fuck her already. Nang tinaas ko ang skirt niya, she pleaded not to.

“Marumi yan. Galing akong office. Ikaw na lang, tulungan kita.”

Wala na akong choice kundi magparaya. When she says “No”, it’s really a no.

She sat in the bed, habang nahiga ako sa thighs niya. She masturbated my hard, erect dick. It’s really very pleasureable as her very soft hands stroke through the length of my girth. Nakaluwa pa rin ang boobs niya, so my mouth reached it. I was now like a baby again, but this time, the woman I’m sucking on is giving me a pleasure service. Di ko na kinaya. After a few minutes, I came. It was a lot, to the point na she was biting her lip while looking at the fountain of cum. Some of it went to her hair and face.

“Ang dami babe, grabe. Sobrang buntis ako kung pumutok yan sa akin. Baka triplets or quadruplets pa. Haha!” natatawang sabi ni Shane.

“Eh ang sarap mo kasi eh.” I said. She quickly rose up and went to the bathroom to shower. Habang ako naman ay naglinis ng kalat.

Afterwards, she asked me if she can join her friends again for a sleepover at Sarah’s family resort in Batangas for the weekends. All girls lang daw. I asked who is going with her. Sila ng mga ka-office mates, as usual. I still trust my wife, and gave her the benefit of the doubt. Gusto ko pang malaman ang mga sumunod na mangyari after ng kantutan nila Julie at Manolo. But I guess I have to accept that I might never ever know. Di ko na rin pinanood ulit ang videos. I just buried it in my heart.

The weekend came. Hinatid ko siya sa kanilang meeting place sa Market Market. There was a van that will take them to Batangas. Andun na rin si Sarah, Kath and Julie. It was kind of awkward nang makita ko si Julie. I saw her everythings, her boobs, her pussy, her butt, her asshole – her misconducts. I gave her a smile, pero sandamakmak na hugot.

“Aba, nag rent pa kayo ng van, eh apat lang kayo?” I asked Shane.

“Oo, tig isa raw kami ng row seat. Haha, hindi, libre lang yan. Kay Sarah yung van.” she replied.

“Oh, I see. Well, enjoy yourselves girls.” I waved goodbye to them.

I went back to my car and different thoughts ran into my mind. What if, may pick-upin pa silang lalaki along the way?

Nah, I was just thinking too much.

When I arrived home, there was a small package left for me in the guard house. I went up my room and opened it. To my shock and awe, it was an SD card, 256GB space. Kinutuban ako. Baka ito na ang continuation ng Bridal Shower, director’s cut.

I quickly went to my laptop and opened the card. I was right. It contained a single folder, with a single, 2-hours plus of footage and several hundreds of pictures. I quickly browsed the pictures.

I was enveloped with a flurry of emotions. More intense, than ever.

The pictures show Sarah, already undressed, her panty is the only thing that’s on. And two naked muscular strippers, this time, much larger in body size than Manolo. They were side by side on Sarah’s boobs. Dinidilaan nila ng sabay ang nipples ni Sarah. Then it went to sucking. Her mouth wide open to the pleasure na dalawang lalaki ang sinususo siya ng sabay. Should I try my luck, open one photo randomly, just to check if my wife were on it, bago ko panoorin ang video?

I did.

In that single photo, which struck my heart, my wife is seen smiling, while being approached by the two male strippers, their dicks pointing towards the mouth of my wife.

I closed the photo…and opened the video.


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