Heinz was 19 yrs old when his dad was assigned to the Philippines as an expat. They moved from Germany to a luxurious subdivision in Makati. He was transferred to one of the prestigious universities in manila. In his past 6 months, he made a few local friends and some foreign students like him. He found it difficult to blend in because he didn’t know the local language or customs. He was handsome, blue eyes, pointed nose, 6 feet tall, short brown hair and athletic. But he hadn’t had any luck socializing with the locals. He looked too good and unusual that it shocked every girl he was introduced into sudden, shy silence. In his first few months, he scored a few hits on foreign women from his community but like every foreigner, he wanted to try the local girls. He didn’t want to go out in the red light districts and get himself a hooker. He wanted the home-grown, non-commercialized, clean cunts of girls his age. He needed connections. The time came when a local friend, budz invited him for early dinner at greenbelt. Budz told him he was meeting his gf and the gf was being joined by a female schoolmate, who had a “game” attitude and was single at that time.

6pm, Friday, at a fancy restaurant at greenbelt. He met budz and gf Samantha but the female friend wasn’t there. Samantha was 5’5 tall, a bit chubby, long hair, morena and hell of well endowed. She had a pair of 40dd hooters and was wearing a yellow body fit spandex shirt and sexy shorts, and a long scarf around her neck flowing down to her waist to conceal the heavily armed bazookas she was carrying under that push up bra that even made it look bigger. With thick well made slutty make up, Heinz thought budz for sure must have had a great time sliding his wood between those fun bags at least once. Minutes passed and they started ordering and Heinz’s heart started to grow heavy when suddenly, an eye catching sight approached them. She said to Samantha: “hi Sam! I’m sorry I’m late due to some school work”. Then Sam said: “no worries dear, we were just getting started. Btw, meet Heinz, he’s new here. He’s budz friend”. With his very limited Filipino words, he mustered what he could and politely said “kha-muz-tah?” The girl smiled and realized he was a foreigner and replied: “hi! I’m Valerie. Pleased to meet you”. Valerie, as polite as she is, stunned both budz and Heinz. Yet they tried to play the game calmly. She was 5’7 tall, long flowing brown hair that had some curls in them. She was the real deal. She had a coca-cola shaped body with much defined curves, an obvious meaty butt, and what looked like a 38dd bust, the push up bra underneath accentuating it even further. She had dark round eyes, a cute small nose and protruding lips that shine with gloss. She was wearing braces. Her hair was flowing down her chest. To make the night even hotter, she was wearing a white body fit blouse that had a pair of horizontal buttons in the breast part. The lingerie she was wearing was outlined and almost see-thru in her school uniform’s blouse. She turned sideward’s to talk to Sam and this made Heinz drool even further. The strap of her bra was visible underneath that see thru blouse and the side of the push-up created a crescent shaped cup that covered her bulging breasts underneath. Valerie’s whole figure was outlined by the thinness of her slightly see thru uniform, revealing a tempting cum target. She wore a long blue skirt that contradicted what was on top: very conservative below, and attention grabbing on top. There was an id lace hanging on her neck which wrote: “a*****tion college”.

Valerie sat down and they ordered some food and 3 of them ordered some alcohol except Valerie, who declined because she was wearing her uniform. Sam somehow managed to convince Valerie to drink, since it was Friday night and no one would see as the place was discrete. 2 hours passed and they were all high on alcohol. Heinz, being a beer drinking beast of the Aryan people, didn’t even feel tipsy. Budz was getting kinky and Heinz noticed budz place his arms around Sam with his hand flowing down. Sam would lean over to budz trying to look sweet and kiss him, as she turned to face budz, his hand around her chest would touch her boobs and tease her. Valerie was also laughing and turned red faced from the alcohol. She kept hitting Heinz in the arm whenever he threw the lousiest joke. Heinz knew that budz needed to bury his kamagong inside his Sam’s sampaguita or between those big, rounds, brown bazookas. They all called it a night and said their goodbyes.

Of course, Valerie needed to get home. She was staying in her own flat at a prestigious condo around Makati. Heinz asked “Valerie, how will you go home?” Valerie, being polite, said: “I’m just nearby; I’ll take a cab since my car is number coding”. Bingo! Heinz knew he was gonna ride her home. I mean give her a ride home (get away from me Sam witwicky). So Heinz offered: “may I give you a ride home?” Valerie said: “are you sure? You must be tired”. Heinz waved her off and took her hand. “I won’t sleep until I know you’re safe” (panty dropping cheesy line)

Heinz flicked the keyless entry and the door opened. Damn. Why do the deceptions always get the good stuff? Stood there was an Alfa Romeo. “Nice ride” Valerie said. He drove the car home still throwing those cheesy German stories about Beowulf and Hansel and Gretel that makes the kids cry instead of go to sleep. To hell with sauerkraut. Our hero is getting laid tonight.

As he parked to drop Valerie off, she said: “hey, we’ve had some drinks and I’m thankful you brought me home. But I couldn’t let you go home without at least making you some coffee so you don’t fall asleep while driving”.

“Thanks, that’s very kind of you. As you wish” Heinz replied.

Upstairs, Valerie gave Heinz the coffee and she began to light a cigarette. Heinz lighted his own from Sam’s lighted cigarette. As they both put the coffee down on the table, Valerie accidentally smeared ash on Heinz’s shirt.

“Oh my gosh, I’m sorry!” Valerie said.” are you hurt?” she tried to clean his shirt with her hands and this made heinz look straight into her eyes. Upon looking up, their eyes both met. Valerie realized the awkwardness of the situation and tried to look down in embarrassment. Too late, the frankfurter is 8 foot long now. Heinz immediately put his hands around Valerie and hugged her. It felt so good to have those 38dd’s pressing on your chest. Valerie, despite being discrete, felt a warm pleasure being hugged by Heinz’s arms. Slowly, he put his lips gently on hers. They kissed so passionately that by the time they realized it, Heinz’s hands were groping Valerie’s big soft breasts. Heinz wanted to tease her more, so while groping her boobs, he slipped his hand underneath and massaged her clit lips with his fingers. Still wearing her uniform, Valerie quickly returned the favour. Like a hungry animal, she dropped to her knees and ripped open Heinz’s pants. Then to her shock she said:”oh my gosh it’s so big!” as 8 inches of Aryan meat slapped her face. She licked the tip of his cock in a circling motion and then slowly bobbed her head up and down in deep throat. Heinz, taken over by animal instinct push Valerie over to the couch and immediately swayed her lace panties to the side. Revealed was a hot, tight, slippery cunt of a young a******ista. No time to waste, he slid the head of his monster sausage and banged her like a rag doll. It felt so good for both of them. This was the hottest, tightest twat he ever inserted his schlong into. While groping her boobs as she laid spread in her own couch, pounded hard, rough and sadistically fast. Sam could feel the big sausage stuffing her soft, warm vagina as her pleasure canal widened, lubricating her pussy walls as she takes in more of the ugly, fat, meaty appendage. “Shit! Sarap! You’re so big!” Valerie blurted out in pleasure. She was grinding her hips and pumping in retaliation for the pounding she was taking. She rammed her pussy forward as Heinz slammed his monster cock in and out of her pussy. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, ansarap! Shit! You’re dick is so hard and big!” Valerie shouted in ecstasy. “Sige pa, pump me pa! Make yourself happy Heinz! Make me your girl!” Heinz pounded Valerie for a good 10 minutes. It felt so good to have your big fat cock engulfed by that tight, soft, slippery, wet cunt. Everything was pure ecstasy until the seed of a thousand year Reich was about to flood the womb of this tight sampaguita. Not yet, her identity needed to bear the mark of the thousand year Reich. Hitler may have failed but this Teutonic knight had successfully “penetrated” Philippine defences. “Don’t blow. Not inside her cunt… Yet”. He mustered all his strength, pulled out his cannon and kneeled in front of the white body fit blouse that still concealed Valerie’s hooters. He dropped his cock all over her breasts and fucked her boobs while wearing her uniform. He had straddled the big, soft, young breasts of a much desired, exquisite, high-end kolehiyala for free. Fuck the losers on malate and Angeles. I’m banging the top of the food chain. And it’s for free.

Valerie knew Heinz was ready to explode, and helped him by licking the tip of his monster cock as it slides between her breasts. Heinz, despite being horny, knew he needed to get this girl’s permission or he can’t repeat this again. He asked: “where can I cum on you?” Valerie replied: “where do you want to?” Heinz then asked permission: “can I cum on your face?” Valerie laughed. “You watch porno too much. Fine!” Bells started to ring on Heinz ears. Like a spotlight with luciano Pavarotti singing a high note. In his mind: “luck just rained on me. After travelling thousands of miles from the Holy Roman Empire, I hereby bring to you the ancient Prussian elixir for flawless looking skin. Right in front and all over your young, beautiful face.” He grabbed his penis, aimed it at Valerie who has already closed her eyes, and started to jerk it off. It didn’t take long. The semen that had built up inside his balls was just a few jerks away from blasting and turning Valerie’s face into a masterpiece that would make Michelangelo look like Photoshop cheater. After 20 fast, hard strokes, Heinz gritted his teeth, grunted like a man having a heart attack and then shouted “whhhhhrrrrrrooooooaaaaaahhhhh! Wrrrrooooaaarrrh! Uuuuuurrggghhh! Haaaaaaaah! Uuuuuhh! Uuuuhhh!!! Aaaahhhrrghh!!! Aaaaaahhh!!!” The big long guns of Germany opened fire! Heinz shouted more in German:” nehmen sie mein mit auf ihrem gesichtsweibchen!”(Translation: “take my cum on your face bitch!”) Valerie mistakenly smiled revealing her braces. Heinz shot the first rope of thick, coffee and beer induced jizz all over her braces which splattered it totally covering her teeth. The 2nd shot hit her left eye smearing her makeup. The 3rd formed a long line from chin to nose to forehead. The 4th spurt shot long and smeared her forehead once more but scattered on her hair as well. Another spurt he aimed at her cheeks that formed a line and into her ears. He couldn’t believed he could ejaculate that much. He shot another load all over her breasts that covered her uniform. Another inside her now open cum covered mouth. Finally when he was done, he took his dick and tapped the remaining cum all over her face, Preston parker style. In his proud victory, Heinz slapped Valerie’s spunk covered face with his cock. “Wheeeeww! Yeah!” He added: “das ist ein ruck aus meiner hand, aber ein großer sprung von cum auf ihrem gesicht für die menschheit! “ (Translation: that’s one jerk from my hand, one giant leap of cum to your face for mankind!) Heinz shouted in his celebration. “Oh my gosh andami!” Valerie said, forgetting Heinz doesn’t speak Filipino. “You covered my face with cum!” Valerie replied in her surprise.

Valerie started to lick the remnants of sperm from Heinz’s dick. But this was her mistake, Heinz was a Prussian bull, there was no such thing as rest. Her licking stimulated his penis into a rock hard erection he suddenly grabbed Valerie’s long hair, pulled it and started to skull fuck Valerie, who was surprised. “Urrgh rrragrrh aarrgh whoaahrr” were the only sounds that could come up of Valerie’s stuffed mouth. Then Heinz grabbed Valerie’s spunk covered breasts, stuck his penis in between, squeezed it like a pillow around his cock and humped it like cowboy taming a wild mustang. “Grabe ka! You’re so horny! Do my boobs feel good?” Valerie exclaimed. Heinz couldn’t hear anything. The sensation of the soft 38dd bazookas wrapped around his schlong was too much to distract him. When the sensation grew further, Heinz needed something more slippery, tighter and softer, a hole of meat layered with thin ribbed walls that grip your cock’s head, giving an orgasmic sensation to the most sensitive parts of a man’s penis. A tight pussy to wrap his cock. And under him, there it was. Well, where Germany goes, so do German surnames. If you do so inside a smart ass on pills, we leave well watered, flooded pleasure canals. “Who cares, I’m gonna flood that tight twat of yours” Heinz said in his mind. He kneeled in front of Valerie’s legs, parted it, pulled up the blue skirt and plunged the mighty cannons of Germany back in. “aaaah shiit!!! Yeaah it feels so good! Your dick is so fat and long heinz!” Valerie screamed. With her face splattered in cum, Heinz banged Valerie for another 5 minutes. It was faster, as the sight of her cum covered face and boobs was too stimulating for him. He already rode her breasts and stimulated his cock to satisfaction all over those fun bags for 5 minutes earlier. Now it’s time to feed the kitty. “I’m gonna fill your pussy with cum bitch!” Heinz said. “Blow it! Blow it inside me!!” Valerie begged as she wanted to feel his warm man juice filling her pussy. It’s too late to pull out now. Heinz’s big fat cock exploded inside Valerie’s waiting womb. It spurted jet after jet, wad after was, rope after rope of sperm inside her young, kolehiyala womb. “Scheiße! Fuck! So eng! Oooh! Oooh! Aaaah! Hmmmp! Raaaaarh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! “(Translation: shit! Fuck! So tight! Oooh! Oooh! Aaaah!! Hmmmp! Raaaaarh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”) Heinz shouted as he burst his gigantic second load inside her tight, warm cunt. He kept pumping her for 1 more minute, ensuring all the krauts would swim inside this Filipina’s cunt, and not on the bed sheets. Then he collapsed on top of her, tired and very satisfied. His balls have been drained, and if he pushed for more, he would need a good 15 minutes to recover. “Oh shit you came inside me, it feels so warm” Valerie said. “I’m sorry, it felt so good” Heinz apologized. “I’m glad I made you happy. Don’t worry; I’ll have my period soon. I know I’m safe”. Valerie comforted Heinz, as she massaged his dick while laying her head on his chest.

2 pops inside a hot cherry. Not bad for a first local experience. Not a single cent spent. Now, Heinz was celebrating, because he had access to every local bitch this girl knew. It was overnight, and he did pump that pussy 5 more times that night and the morning after. Resting only for 15 minutes and then emptying his load again. Valerie was a totally filled pussy. As they parted ways the morning after, Valerie kissed him and said goodbye to Heinz: “welcome to manila heinz!”

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