Perfect Kong Girlfriend Part 37

O How i grinned with delight… As young beautiful Grace writhed in pleasure with my constant barrage of sexual-inducing machinations… It took only a short while, as her young cunt overflowed her hot juices to my wriggling tongue!!

“UUNGGH… OOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!” As young Grace finally came!

“MALIBOG DIN!!” As they say, I silently said in my mind.

Yung puki nya dumidiin pa sa mga labi at dila ko! Napa-ngisi ako sa sarili ko. Hindi ko pa rin sya tinigilan! Like my other young victims from before…

I got to get this young Girl addicted to me! I will fill her young mind only with sweet addicting sex! So after I got her hooked to me… I will slowly use her young body with every lust and debauchery I can think of!

Then I slowly positioned myself between this young, beautiful girl’s legs. I aimed the head of my big, throbbing hot cock in front of her wet, tight slit!!

“Ti-titoo… Wa-wag po…” She said as I looked at her pretty face.

Ang ganda ng mukha ni Grace habang parang nagmamakaawa, pero alam mong libog na rin. I can see it in her face!! Kayganda nyang pagmasdan!! Habang papalusong pa ang malaking ulo ng titi ko… NApag-masdan ko pa rin ang itsura ng dalagang pamangkin kong to… Ang pang-itaas nya… Suot pa rin nya ang pang-itaas na uniform nila sa school.

Humagod ang paningin ko pababa… Dun naka-ngiti ang puke niya sa pagkaka-buka ng husto ng mga mapuputi nyang hita!! MY GHOD!! Yung balahibong-pusang puki talaga ang pinaka-gustong-gusto ko!! Dun sa pinkish nyang mga pussy lips… Pinaghihiwalay na mga malaking tarugo ko…

“UHUMMMPPP…” Kagat-labi ni Grace nang lumusot ang pinakang-ulo ng titi ko sa

kadulasan ng kepyas nya!!

I smiled wickedly again!! Eto ang mga itsurang gigil na gigil ako!! Yung mga batang dalagang kakantutin ko na… No better age to fuck a young girl but this age!!

I slowly fucked her nice… sweet… juicy hole with slow strokes!! Just half of my big, long cock for now…

AT first i could see the pain in her face… Yung pabaling-baling ang ulo nya habang kinakantot ko ang birhen nyang hiyas…

Pero just as they say… Sa una lang talaga yan!! Maya-maya nakita ko kung paanong napapaliguan ng maputi-puting katas ng dalaga ang palibot ng kahabaan ng kalahati ng titi ko!!

“OOOHHH!! AHHH!! AHHH!!” Ang panay na mga ungol ni Grace.

Kitang-kita ko sa pagkakabukaka nya… Sumasalubong na ang batang pekpek nya sa bawat lusong ng malaki at mahabang pantuhog ko!!

This girl is a natural-borne-fucker!!!

“UUNGGHHH!!!” As the black’s in her eyes rolled! As I slammed my 7-inches long

dick all the way in now inside her small tight-slit!!

She came as I grinded her sweet hot-hole with my long Dick!! I can feel how she orgasmed and shuddered with pleasure!! Her sweet-fucking-cunt milking my thick-long cock as I shot my load deep inside her virgin-pussy!!

“UUUHHH!!!” As I heard myself while I came!

I could feel my cum as it shot itself and flowed deep inside her pussy!! All the way into her young uterus…

“Ti-tito… Ba-bakit sa loob po… Ba-baka po… ” She asked.

But before she could finish what she’s gonna say… I kissed her pinkish, warm young lips… My Long cock still deep inside her hot pussy hole…

There’s more of that where that came from young Girl. I couldnt stop my excitement as I was thinking of ways ahead, of how to fuck and suck this young Girl’s body… In any way imaginable in the days to come!!

Jess… Jessica Olivia Avibar…

I didnt know what happened… I woke up face down on bed!! With nothin on!??

I’m NUDE!! What the hell happened!?

The last thing I remember was drinking with my groupmates at Leila’s house. Leila, with Blake, Rose and Lamar were my groupmates for a school project! Now I’m in a Large Room, on a bed with little light, coming from a small lampshade and a few light bulbs overhead!

“Hi babe…” A voice beside me greeted.

I tried to turn around, but I could barely move! But on the side’s… I knew who it was… It was Blake!! Blake Sanders!! My Good looking-hotly built college of a hunk!!

I shuddered as he touched my bare breast with his warm hands! I could feel his Long cock slid into the softness in between my ass.

“Umm… UMPFS!!” I whimpered.

I almost cried!! No one other than NEddie was able to touch my breasts and lay nude with me!! I tried to struggle but he held me with two stronger hands!!

“The drug’s wearin off… Hmmm… iba ka talaga Jess… It’s still to early but…” He


Then he let me go and stood up. He’s butt naked!! He has this stud body, too fit like a model guy.

Its my chance!! I told myself.

I tried too stand but suddenly I felt weak and dizzy. WHY!? I tried to remember what happened earlier. We were drinking!! OH MY GHOD!! Neddie would be angry at me!! But why am I unable to stand!? All i could remember drinking was just 3 shots of tequila and a beer… And that’s it! But…

Then I saw Blake coming back. He’s really naked for fucks sake! He had this model body that a lot of girls would really love. But my eyes only belong to Neddie. My husband has a more natural, tight mixed fighters body!

I started to struggle as Blake approached. He was holding this vaccine looking thing… It sucked something from this container… Filled with liquid of something I dont know…

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