Perfect Kong Girlfriend Part 38

“Whammpp are you doin!!?” I shouted but strangely it came out as a whimper.

“Relax… You will love it baby… After i’m done with you… Promise youre gonna

want some more!” He smiled wickedly.

He held out my left arm and started to bore-inject me with this… I could feel the warmth flow through my body! Then I started to shudder!! My eyes rolled out… My vision got blurred. I felt myself going numb and hot.

Now i couldnt move. But my body was on fire!!!

“See… Youre gonna love it Jess… It’s like ecstacy but much more potent!”

He started carressing my body from behind. All the while kissing my neck. I started to protest but I couldnt move!! What’s surprising is… My body responded!! I felt myself getting wet!!

“Yeah baby! That’s it…” As he shoved his finger and started caressing my clit!

My pussy lips getting sloppy wet as he circled his long fingers in the canal. I could feel my hips and ass circling with his fingers!!

“Youre wet already Jess? I’m gonna make you mine bitch!”

“NOO! HUMPFS!” I screamed but like before It’s like I whispered to a scream!

I couldnt do anything as he turned me around. He started licking my ears… down too my neck…

OHH SHITT!! I screamed inside my mind.

I was loving it!! I’m angry but my body is soo fuckin loving it!! I cried desperately as Blake started sucking my nipples! OHH MY GHOD!! My nips are getting erect!! My fucking cunt meeting and sucking each long strokes by Blake’s finger!!

“OOWWOOOHHH!!!” I screamed with excitement as Blake started sopping up my


I stared at the ceiling… All I could see was the face of my lovin-husband… But I couldnt do anything. I felt tears flowing from the sides of my eyes. How could this happen!??

But all the while… My body was aching to meet Blake’s long tongue as it slid in and out of my sobbing wet pussy!!

“UUNHHHH FUCKK!!!” I shuddered with delight as he tongued me non-stop!

SLUP!SLUP!!!SLUP!! The sound of his long tongue in and out of my slobbing pussy!!

“Please… please Blake… I’m MArried… Please” I heard myself plead one more time.

Probably the first time in my life I beg someone. It’s because I was reaching climax!! He’s tongue reaching the deepest orifice of my insides!! I hate to admit it but Im gonna cum!!

“OOOHH FUCK!!!!’ As I shuddered and screamed again.

I felt myself cum with an intensity soo strong. I couldnt stop myself from sighing and cumming as Blake sucked and licked my well erect clit!! I even found myself… My two hands pushing the back of his head to suck and lick my pussy lips more!! Until I saw Blake positioned himself between my legs.

“Here i come Babe… I’m gonna fuck you like you never been fucked before Jess…”

I could see his long pinkish-foreigner dick in the soft light… His pointed dick head positioned at my slightly opened smiling love hole!! His penis… Noticeably longer than my husband Neddie’s!!

“AHHHHH…” As my mouth hung open when the big,hard head of his dick started to

slide in my wet slippery tight hole!!

I cried!! I only surrendered my love-hole to only one man and to be used by none other than my husband Ned… I was crying deep inside… But here… My Ass lifted itelf high in the air… Trying to get the whole length of his dick inside!! I wondered how it would feel like, too be fucked by a much longer dick than my husband’s!?

“OHH YEAHHH!! So Tight!! So Hot!! Ghod youre soo beautiful Jess!! And you PuSsy!! So FUCKIN

GOOD!!!” As he stuck out his tongue for me.

I didnt know but my body moved. I opened my mouth and i started licking his long hot tongue. His long cock started to slide in… Inch by inch… As we suck each other’s tongue!! Until I could feel his long Dick was all the way inside!!

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I sighed with pleasure as the whole length hit rock

bottom… Deep inside my pussy!!

“OH YEAH!! Youre Cunt feels soo Good!! I could fuck you all day!! You know that

baby dont you… ” He said as he slowly slid in and out the length of his long cock.

“Ye-yes…” I heard myself said.

I know I should be angry. I know I should be mad. But I didnt know what to do… Its like my body had a mind of its own. I started grinding and pounding… As Blake fucked me like I’ve never been fucked before!! My pussy meeting the long white dick sliding in and out of my soaking wet cunt!! I could see the length of his dick soaked with my juices. I was loving it!!

PAK!! PAKK!! PAKK!!PAK!! The loud and lewd sound of my pussy mound and his

pubic mound smashing into each other!!

My body bouncing back and forth the bed as Blake fucked me like a beast lover!! I cried and cried with fantasm!! I even lost count how much I came!! I know… Because underneath the bed… I could feel how wet it is underneath!! Soaked with my soaking cum!!


FUCKING COCK!! As i heard my mind shouted.


“I’M Cumming Babe!!” As I heard Blake screamed to my EAr.

“Pull out!!” I heard myself scream.

I knew what was gonna happen. My cunt is only for my Neddie!! I dont want to get pregnant by another man beside my Husband! Im already gettin fucked my brains out!! At least I dont want to get myself cummed on inside all the way in!!

But the other thing happened…. I tried to push him away but instead…. I felt my arms and legs hugged him more. My sexy-ass… My pussy-hole meeting his Long manhood all 8 inches Long Dick!!

I know I might get pregnant with his seed… But I dont want to miss another climax building up… I screamed as his long white-dick slammed all the way inside my pussy… I could the feel the whole 8 inches length deep inside! The large hot head of his penis almost piercing my cervix as…

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I sighed loudly…. As Waves and waves of pleasure

escaped my lips as I felt his cum sprayed the insides of my pussy!!

“OOHH!!OHH!! OHH!!GHODD!!!” I shouted and screamed continously as I came


His hot liquidy sperm splashed all the wall inside my uterus as I shuddered with intensity!! As we lay… Blake tightly huggin me. He’s Long Dick still all the way in. my traitourous pussy milking his manhood!

This was probably the best fuck of my life!! As Blake started pounding me again with Long strokes!! I Love it!! I anticipated with pleasure… Everytime… He lifts his ass… High up in the air… And plunges his long, fat cock Deep inside my longing pussy!!

“OHH!! FUCKK!!!” I screamed again!!

My clouded-drenched-mind shouted… I wanna fuck this Long white cock forever!!!

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