Perfect Kong Girlfriend Part 44

“AAAAAHHHHHH!!!” As I closed my eyes into a delicious grandeur!!

My body felt hot and a bolt of passion surged into my body!!

Again… I remembered the First time. At first Blake was forcing me to use these. But now my body seemed to get addicted to it!!

After I came… I saw Blake licking the cum that came from inside my whore pussy.

“It’s my turn now Babe…”, He commanded.

ZIIPP!!! The sound as Blake unzipped his pants. Out came his long, big
white cock!!

I bowed down and opened my mouth. I immediately sucked his long white dick!!

“AAHHHHHHH!! That’s really good babe!!”, I heard Blake sighed with


I felt his right hand on the top of my head, as he pushed me downwards. His hard cock slid further inside my mouth… Deep inside my throat!!

“UGH!” I blurted out a little bit, as the head of his cock hit my tonsil.

But I can take it now! After lots of practice… I’m proud at the same time, I felt a little pain in my heart. I have now become a Slut Wife!! A COCKSUCKING BITCH!!!

Blake made me suck his dick, every time we have Sex!! I rarely even do this to my husband. But with Blake, I already lost count.

Jessica… The SLutWife?

I sat on Blake’s large bed. I slowly undressed. I slowly remove my short-short skirt and my tops. My upright breast sprang free!! I was already wearing no bra! I saw my lover stared at my bare pinkish nips!!

Blake made me do it everytime. I was reluctant at first. But for the past couple of weeks, I went to school with no Bra!! I felt a twang of self-pity. Wife-CockSlut!!! Jessica The Slut WIFE!!!

A small tear dropped from the side of my eye. I have now become a slave! A Sex Slave! Slave to a man I hated, but loving the sex and his lovemaking!

Now down to my black t-back panty. I looked around every corner of Blake’s bedroom. Something was different. This is not Blake’s bedroom!! There were small web-camera’s around! I didnt notice where we were going earlier. Probably because of the drugs, or because I was busy sucking dick!!

“Wha-Whe-Where are we? I thought we were just gonna have sex on your

place?”, I asked.

“Relax babe… We’re gonna fuck!! Just a little bit of change.” He


Blake stood there on a bar not so far away. Again… He is mixing something! Everytime before we Fuck… He would be mixing some kind of drug.

A shudder… A hunch. I knew something’s amiss!! A reluctant thought came through my mind!

Old Jess… Jessica Avibar who who love her husband Neddie very much… Surfaced on ma-mind! I started to and I’m about to bring my skirt back-up.

“OOPS!! OPSS!! What are you doiing?” Said Blake as he stopped me from

pulling up my skirt.

Standing right in front of me… He’s already Naked!! His long hard-rock cock almost hit my face! He’s now holdin his familiar syringe. Full of liquid of somethin he mixed earlier.

He pulled my right hand up. I saw lots of tiny little dots right at the center of my arms. Everytime… Blake would always inject me with the drug. He felt my pulse like a pro and injected me, pump-full of the searing liquid. Going into my system. Into my mind!! I went crazy again!!

My pussy throbbed like a hot pump!! My pinkish nipples tingled. I looked up at the ceiling and my vision felt like going in circles for a minute.

Just a few seconds, Out came… I saw this familiar tall black-guy standing beside Blake!! He was naked!! His body is lean and hard!! Skin as black as coal. He is even taller than Blake.

“WHAT THE!!!” I started to cover my bare white breasts!

It was him!! The Basketball varsity and our groupmate… Lamar!! My eyes involuntarily looked down… His Long black hard cock is standing upright, throbbing!!! It was even longer and bigger than even Blake’s penis!!!

I gulp with anticipation! Damn!! My body grew hot!! What was I thinkin?! I want to fuck this Big Black Cock!??

“Wha… What is he doin here!?”, I finally asked loudly to Blake.

“Nothin babe… He just wants to… You know…” Answered my lover

outside of wedlock.

“I waited a long time for this…”Lamar smiled .

“GET OUT!!” I shouted as loud as I can, but my voice came out as weak-

like a whisper!

Lamar quickly knelt down on the bed. One of his knees between my legs before I could close them. His large black hands, his fingers started flickering my nips!! An electricity of warm pleasure flowed through my body. I’m super-horny already!! My vagina was wet with anticiaption!!

But In my mind… I dont want to get fucked by another man!! Its sinful enough that I’m screwing Blake!! But to be fucked by a thirdman…

But before I could… Lamar’s fast!! He immediately laid me down to bed. Two hands held my hands!! He’s strong!! His long wet tongue slid into my open mouth and snaked into my warm throat!!! He was tongue fucking the inside of my mouth!!

“MMM… Nope… ULP!! Please!”I resisted but my tongue played with his


My legs spread on their own!! Its like they have mind’s of their own!! Traitorously disobeying my mind’s command. I was about to be fuck!! SHET!!! Again by another man not my husband!!

I looked around for Blake. He’s in a bar not so faw away… He was just smiling. It’s like he’s really liking what’s he seeing!! Me about to get raper by this Black dude!! Him drinking a shot of whisky and enjoying the sex-show!! He knew this!!!

In my mind… I was asking for help from Blake to somehow stop Lamar. But my lovehole opened up for this big black man’s fingers!!

His long finger sliding in and out of my pussy lips!!! “AAHHHHHHHHH!!!!” It felt soo Good!!!

Then… His other hand reached behind my sexy butt!! He’s arms were long!! He could easily reach around!! Then I felt one finger slid inside my butthole!!

UUNHHH… FUCK!! I shouted inside my mind.

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