Perfect Kong Girlfriend Part 45

I wanted to shout because of the sensation!! But I couldnt!! The inside of mouth is filled with Lamar’s long-hot and wet tongue!! My mouth, cunt and asshole being assaulted with simultaneously!! Im being Tongue and Finger-fuck by this black basketball player!!! I’m trying to resist… But My body dance around to the sensation!! I was getting super-hot!! SHET!!!

OOHH!!! OH MY GHOD!!! MY GHOD!!!” Again and again I moaned loudly!!

Until his finger… Slid all the way in to my butthole!!! FUCK!!!! My ass now used to the assault. Blake has been dick-using my asshole every now and then. I didnt want to… But he said… It’s so I could get use to anal sex!!!

Is Lamar planning to Fuck me in my ass as well??

With that thought… My body responded heavily to hotness of this Black-man’s harlem sex!! My pussy on wet-fire!!! My canal of sex squeezing and coating his finger with lot’s of lots of horny wetness!!

“You love that gurl?? Later… You gonna love my cock as well!!!

HEHEHE!!” Lamar laugher

UHUH! I answered in my mind. I didnt immediately understand what he
was saying.

But I dont care!! As long as I am enjoying the moment. The lewdness!! The taboo of it!! I was about to make love to a Black African Man! My body screaming in delight!! This is a first!!

In my delirious state of mind. That’s when I didnt notice… Lamar already lifted one of my legs up to his shoulder. With his other hand he held my other leg. I’m now widespread for him!!! My pussy lips also parted… Shining with wetness! Gaping with anticipation!! Coated with my horny juices!! Breathing with anticipation with what’s gonna happen!!

Without missing a beat… Lamar aimed his pointed-dark black head of his cock in the center of the opening!!! I noticed my ass involuntarily lifted itself up!!! WHAT THE!!!

STILL!! EVEN SOO!!! Good JEss is still trying to survive!!

“NO!! Please Lamar… No please!” I finally pleaded.

But Lamar’s smile just grew. He knew I didnt mean that. My pussy circled around his tip of his cock! Pleading for it to finally come in!!!

NED!! NEDDIE!! HELP!!! My mind shouted!! I’m gonna get fucked again by

another man not you!!!

UNNHHH!!! UNGGHHHH!!! I groaned with ecstacy and pain as the large tip

of the of Lamar’s long black rod slowly slide in!!!

Both of my hands gripped Lamar’s wrist as tight as I could. As he slowly pushed inside the tip of his large pointed head of his cock, sliding inside my pussy lips!!

“OHHH FUCK!!!” I shouted. I could feel every nub and nave of Lamar’s big


The Biggest cock in my life!! I looked down and I saw Lamar smiling!! He knew I’m already his!! The head of his cock easily snaked all the way in!!! An inch or two of his Big black dick already in!!

THAT EASILY IT WENT IN!!? Is my pussy already used to big cocks?!!

And still Lamar didnt stop!! We were both lookin as slowly my pussy ate the whole big head of Lamar’s Black-penis!!! Inch by inch he pushed forward. Inch by inch his cock sliding all the -way!!

I took in maybe 3 to 4 inches already, but theres a lot more left of manliness. Hs dick is LONG!! Longer than even Blake’s!!! Maybe 9 to 10 inches long, I estimated!!

So that’s how they call them BBC’s!! Big black cocks!!! Once you go black, You can never go back!! The saying goes… I know because i saw some of Neddie’s porn before. I didnt know, now i’m gonna taste one!!

OOOOOHHHHH GHOD!!! SOO BIG!!!!” I moaned loudly again!

As Lamar drilled into my wetness 3 more inches of his ten inch dick!! & inches was I all I could take for now!! He stopped for a while to let me adjust to the girth!!! I could feel every nub and bump of the long black length!! The head of his cock hit my pleasure point!!

Then he slowly pulled out… I sighed. Then in… Then out again.

“UUNGGHHH!!! OOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” I squirmed underneath!! The

pleasure was too much too bear!!!

My pussy started to cream!! Bathing the whole length of the seven inches with my white-warm creaminesS!! Me and Lamar were both lookin at his dick and my pussy as he slowly drilled me for minutes!! Minutes of eternity!!

“LAMAARRR!!!”As I’m nearing orgasm!!!

Slowly as I was getting used to the girth. Lamar drilled-fuck me more!! Deeper!!! Faster!!! The whole nine inches now!!!

SLUCK!!!SLUCK!!! SLUCCKK!!! As my wet creamy pussy filled his whole

lenght with this white substance from my whore-married pussy!!


shouted as i came!!!

This is by far the best fuck of my life!!! I orgasmed around this Beautiful Black cock drilling me!!! Lamar continued fucking me!!! Now with long-faster strokes!! Until finally our pubic mounds grind into each other!!! My pussy took in the whole 10 inch!!!!

Lamar pulled up… His black butt high in the air. Then he rammed my pussy slippered in to my wetness!!!

AGGHHH!!! I’m going crazy!!! I knew after this I’m gonna be a slave to this

dick!! No other dick could make me cum again!!

PAKK!!! PAKKK!!! PAKKK!!! FUNGK!!! FUNGK!!! FUNGKK!!! The loud sounds

of Lamar pounding my married pussy harder and the bed creaking loudly!!!

“OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” As I came again!!

OHH MY GHOD!!!!! OH MY GHOD!!!” My body shuddered for almost an

eternity!! My love canal tightly clinging and opening on Lamar’s Long Black

Dick as i orgasmed!!!

How many have I came so far!?? Then I felt Lamar’s strokes faster and faster now! He’s gonna come!!

“PU-PULL OUT!!!”I shouted. As Lamar finally drove his whole ten inches

long black steel into my pussy…


He held me tight as… BLurts and blobs of hot black come sprayed into the back of my pussy!!! NO!!! OH MY GHOD!!! I’M GONNA GET PREGNANT WITH A BLACK BABY!??

Finally after minutes of what I felt like an eternity. I opened my eyes and I looked down. My pussy mound and his pubic mound mashed together!! His Long hot-black cock all the way in!! Inside my pussy!!! All 10 inches of long black cock!!! Hs long black steel still throbbing. Still pumping more dark cum into my cervix!!

“My GHOD!! Youre so good Jessica!!! Youre soo beautiful!!! I’m not gonna

stop fucking YOU!!” He said to me.

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